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Tuesday 12 June

1 Kings 17: 7-16, Psalm 4, Matthew 5: 13-16 Inner light In Judaism, it is said that the soul is a spark of God, and it’s our task on this earth to fan that spark into a flame. These verses from Matthew tell us that Jesus, the great fire of God, said much the same […]

Wednesday 6 June

ST MARCELLIN CHAMPAGNAT 2 Timothy 1:1-3,6-12, Psalm 123, Mark 12:18-27 Life after life The Pharisees believed in the continuation of the soul. The Sadducees did not. Here, we see another trick question from the second-to-largest group of Jewish teachers. The enquiry is based on ignorance and Jesus is quick to deal with it. His insights […]

Sunday 3 June

BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST Exodus 24: 3-8, Psalm 116B, Hebrews 9: 11-15, Mark 14: 12-16, 22 -26 The Heart of our faith Today’s gospel takes us through layers of history and tradition to a mystery so deep, we tremble. We are not reading about something that happened thousands of years ago. Jesus’ body and […]

Learning from Bears and Bees

“‘It’s like this,’ Pooh said. ‘When you go after honey with a balloon, the great thing is not to let the bees know you’re coming. Now, if you have a green balloon, they might think you were only part of the tree, and not notice you, and if you have a blue balloon, they might […]

Tuesday 29 May

1 Peter 1:10-16; Psalm 98; Mark 10:28-31 What about us? The young man yesterday was offered “treasure in heaven”. When they were called, Peter and the others were only given the chance to become “fishers of men”, so Peter now asks what they will get in reward. Jesus reassured the disciples, and us, that any […]

Thursday 17 May

Acts 22:30,23:6-11; Psalm 16; John 17:20-26 May they all be one This text is for us – we are the ones who believe through the words of others, not because we were there with Jesus 2000 years ago. Today, as I write, is the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18 January) […]

Thursday 10 May

Acts 18:1-8; Psalm 98; John 16:16-20 In a short time … There are a number of occasions in the gospels where we are told that the disciples didn’t understand what Jesus meant by what he said. I know that I sometimes feel the same – I ask ‘what?’ ‘why?’ ‘how?’ about the things happening in […]

Tuesday 8 May

Acts 16:22-34; Psalm 138; John 16:5-11 Sing God’s praises It would be hard to sing praise just after a severe flogging and being put into stocks! But this is what Paul and Silas did and God was glorified by the conversion of all the prisoners (who had been listening and did not run away to […]

Wednesday 2 May

ST ATHANASIUS, B.D. Acts 15:1-6; Psalm 122; John 15:1-8 Make your home in me I like to have vases of flowers in my home, they make it more welcoming and cheerful. But there is no seed or fruit from these flowers as they are no longer attached to the main plant. It is the same […]

Our Three Divine Friends

However much we may get to know about God, even know God in a true personal way, God always remains a mystery. “Mystery” is almost another name for God. But a mystery of love, a mystery of incomprehensible goodness. For God: “Loved the world (us) so much that He gave his only Son” so that […]