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Friday 6 January

1 John 5:5-13; Psalm 147:12-15, 19-20; Mark 1:6-11 The gift of life Jesus came into our world so that we might have life forever. It is his gift for each of us. To receive the gift we must believe in Jesus Christ and live our lives as a testimony to that gift. It is difficult […]

January Saint

St Gregory Nazianzen Andrei Rublev, Gregory the Theologian(1408) 2 January I teach seminarians and theology students about the importance of the Ecumenical Councils and Gregory was one of the major players in the Council that produced the second part of the Creed we say at Mass. He is the great champion of the Holy Spirit as […]

Tuesday 15 February

James 1:12-18; Psalm 94:12-15, 18-19; Mark 8:14-21 Happy with life All goodness comes from God, and we share in it as a sort of first fruits says St James today. Jesus also reminds his disciples not to be distracted by the ‘yeast’ of others which leads to suspicion and doubt about who he is. Jesus […]

‘The Missionary Race’

The Poyntons of New Zealand In December 1931, the Marist Messenger carried an article about Mary and John Poynton, who came to New Zealand from Australia in 1828. It is re-printed here, adapted and abridged. ‘The Missionary Race’ refers to people exiled from Ireland. Sydney, 1828 Among the close-knit Irish Catholics of Sydney in 1828, […]

Opening of the Synodal Path –

Leading to the 2023 Synod on Synodality A certain rich man came up to Jesus “as he was setting out on his journey” (Mark 10:17). The Gospels frequently show us Jesus on a journey. He walks alongside people and listens to the questions and concerns lurking in their hearts. He shows us that God is […]

Hauropi Mariana

A Marian Integral Ecology – Part 2 of 2 To be Mary, Virgin: Ko te Whaea – Ko te Tātāhou  To be like Mary, to imitate her quality of presence, is to be as soil. Our food, our shelter, our clothing, the air we breathe all depend on soil. To be like Mary is to […]

Mary Assumed into Heaven / The Eucharist

Mary Assumed into Heaven The poet Dante calls the Virgin Mary, “humbler and loftier than any creature” (Paradise, XXXIII, 2). It is beautiful to think that the humblest and loftiest creature in history, the first to win heaven with her entire being, in soul and body, lived out her life for the most part within […]

Friday 29 October

Romans 9:1-5; Psalm 147:12-20; Luke 14:1-6 God, forever blessed The praise of God echoes through the psalms, together with pleas for protection and renewals of repentance. These prayers are mirrors reflecting the human condition. I am capable of the highest form of bravery and the deepest treachery. O God, I praise you for your faithful […]

Saturday 9 October

Joel 4: 12-21; Psalm 97; Luke 11:27-28 The valley of decision The prophet Joel presents God’s wrath but also shows God to be a shelter and a stronghold. The choice is ours. Jesus sharpens the focus: everything we need is in the word of God, and Jesus is that word, made flesh. O Lord, attune […]

Tapping into the Power of Patience

‘Patience is not passive, on the contrary, it is concentrated strength.’ – Bruce Lee ‘Patience doesn’t mean passivity or resignation, but power. It’s an emotionally freeing practice of waiting, watching, and knowing when to act.’  Judith Orloff, MD These pieces of wisdom are strong reminders that patience is a vital life skill. Without it we […]