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Parables in Stained Glass (3)

The parable of the Lost Sheep is about a shepherd who left his flock (those who were already saved) to find the one sheep that was lost, and when he found it, rejoiced. I have seen many windows that show Jesus as the good shepherd, but only a small number that portray the parable. The […]

Thursday 21 March

Jeremiah 17 5-10; Psalm 1; Luke 16:19-31 Lazarus The sin of the rich man in today’s gospel was not that he had a lot of money, but that he did not hear the cry of the poor man Lazarus. Lent is a time when we open the ears of our hearts to truly listen and […]

Monday 26 March

Isaiah 42:1-7; Psalm 27:1-3, 13-14; John 12:1-11 Here is my servant whom I uphold Jesus retired to the home of his friends Martha, Mary and Lazarus in Bethany. At dinner, Mary anointed his feet with nard, an expensive fragrant ointment. Jesus defends Mary against Judas’ criticism: “Leave her alone; she had to keep this scent […]

Thursday 16 March

Jeremiah 17:5-10; Psalm 1; Luke 16:19-31 Lazarus for me The rich man didn’t do anything to cause or contribute to Lazarus’ poverty or ill-health. It was what he did not do which caused his downfall. In times of examination of conscience we can tend to focus on identifying our wrongful actions, rather than our wrongful […]

Thursday 25 February

Jeremiah 17:5-10, Ps.1, Luke 16:19-31 Sins of Omission Today’s parable isn’t about wealth. It’s about caring – or the lack of it. The rich man didn’t actually do anything wrong. He didn’t abuse the beggar or evict him. He simply ignored him. He just didn’t care about him. So he did nothing to help him. […]

Sunday 6 April

5th Sunday of Lent Ezekiel 37:12-14, Ps 130, Rom 8:8-11, John 11:1-45 Take the stone away When Jesus arrived at the tomb of Lazarus, he gave the instruction to remove the stone that closed the entrance to the tomb. The stone was an obstacle in the way of the miracle of raising Lazarus from the […]

Sunday 29 September

TWENTY SIXTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Amos 6:1,4-7, Psalm 146, 1 Timothy 6:11-16 , Luke 16: 19-31 The rich are lionised, while the poor are marginalised. Even the example of poor but righteous Lazarus has not corrected this error. What astounds me about this passage is the towering cynicism of the Jews. Deaf to Moses […]

Thursday 28 February

Jeremiah 17:5-10, Ps.1, Luke 16:19-31 To know oneself The frightening thing about the parable of the rich man and Lazarus is the blindness of the rich man and his relations. Apparently there was no malice in the relationship with Lazarus. In the eyes of the rich man he simply did not exist. The five brothers […]

Monday April 18

Isaiah 42:1-7, Ps 27, John 12:1-11 May my motives always be for good This gospel is full of motives: Love and friendship motivated Jesus to return to Bethany. Mary anointed the feet of Jesus, motivated by love. Greed motivated Judas’ enquiry about the cost. The crowds came out of curiosity. The chief priests’ decision to […]

Thursday 24th March

Jeremiah 17: 5-10; Psalm 1; Luke 16: 19-31. A divine justice. The parable of the rich man, Dives, and the beggar at his gate, Lazarus, points to an intolerable injustice where Dives enjoys an uncaring luxury, and Lazarus can only hope for scraps from the rich man’s table. After their deaths the situation is reversed. […]