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Monday April 18

Isaiah 42:1-7, Ps 27, John 12:1-11 May my motives always be for good This gospel is full of motives: Love and friendship motivated Jesus to return to Bethany. Mary anointed the feet of Jesus, motivated by love. Greed motivated Judas’ enquiry about the cost. The crowds came out of curiosity. The chief priests’ decision to […]

Thursday 24th March

Jeremiah 17: 5-10; Psalm 1; Luke 16: 19-31. A divine justice. The parable of the rich man, Dives, and the beggar at his gate, Lazarus, points to an intolerable injustice where Dives enjoys an uncaring luxury, and Lazarus can only hope for scraps from the rich man’s table. After their deaths the situation is reversed. […]

John’s Challenging Stories of Faith

  In the time before the second Vatican Council, Lent was a time of prayer and fasting and alms giving. Missing in those days was what for centuries had been a primary focus of Lent – the initiation of new members of the Church and a deepening of the grace of baptism in those already […]