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Saturday 20 February

Isaiah 58:9-14; Psalm 86:1-6; Luke 5:27-32 Levi, a good man Todays’ gospel acknowledges Jesus’ gift of seeing the goodness even in a despised tax collector. “Levi, follow me.” Levi left everything and obeyed. Inviting a social outcast into Jesus’ team is an encouragement. It gives us a feeling of acceptance and a sense of belonging […]

Monday 30 December

1 John 2:12-17; Psalm 96:7-10; Luke 2:36-40 Good things worth waiting for Luke is not kidding when he says Anna’s days of girlhood were well over. She was 84! The extraordinary thing about being a follower of Christ is that it isn’t over till it’s over. You are never too old to be surprised by […]

Friday 6 December

St Nicholas (Om) Isaiah 29:17-24; Psalm 2671, 4, 13-14; Matthew 9:27-31 No harm in asking There are many well-documented instances of faith, healing and faith healers. Why doesn’t it always work? It is not necessarily because you lack faith. Sometimes what you want is not possible. Sometimes it would not be good for you. No […]

Wednesday 6 November

Romans 13:8-10; Psalm 112; Luke 14:25-33 The cost of discipleship So often Jesus reminds his disciples that they shouldn’t be fooled by the adoring crowds, by his popularity. Being a disciple is not an easy path to follow. To follow Christ requires courage and determination. It requires a constant daily effort to be faithful. The […]

Friday 25 October

Romans 7:18-25; Psalm 119:33-40; Luke 12:54-59 The will to do what is good Paul describes our common experience in daily life, namely, the interior conflict between our weak unspiritual, false self (the legacy of Adam’s sin); and the consoling joy of our spiritual, true self, (the legacy of our “re-creation in Christ” by Baptism and […]

October Crossword

Solution for September Across: 7 Cavern, 8 Isobar, 9 Gain, 10 Amorally, 11 Minster, 13 Stilt, 15 Latin, 17 Sarcasm, 20 Basilica, 21 Sext, 22 Repent, 23 Taoist.  Down: 1 Salami, 2 Dean, 3 Unsaved, 4 Minor, 5 Monastic, 6 Hallel, 12 Spirited, 14 Canasta, 16 Awaken, 18 Sexism, 19 Pieta, 21 Show.   The […]

Saturday 28 September

Zechariah 2:5-9, 14-15; Canticle: Jeremiah 31:10-14; Luke 9:43-45 Mourning into gladness Jeremiah speaks in God’s name saying: “I will change their mourning into gladness, comfort them, give them joy after their troubles”, and once again we see Jesus’ disciples perplexed and saddened by Jesus’ repeated affirmation that he was going to suffer and die. They […]

Wednesday 11 September

Colossians 3:1-11; Psalm 145; Luke 6:20-26 God fills our emptiness Both readings, as well as the psalm today, give us clear lessons for our Christian lives. Luke’s four beatitudes are challenging! It seems that when we are empty or needy for all sorts of reasons, God can fill us with himself. When we place all […]

Monday 2 September

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Psalm 96; Luke 4:16-30 Good news to the poor Jesus announces his mission as it was foretold by the prophet Isaiah. His mission is to the poor, the blind, to prisoners or to those oppressed in any way. The Gospels reveal that Jesus was totally faithful to this mission. Do we realize […]

Wednesday 28 August

St Augustine (m) 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13; Psalm 139; Matthew 23:27-32 “Late have I loved you …” St Augustine speaks of God being within him but not discovered, because he was gorging on the externals of life. We see an echo of that in Jesus’ words: you appear to people from outside like good honest people, […]