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Friday 12 August

Ezekiel 16: 1-15, 60-63; Canticle Isaiah 12: 2-6; Matthew 19: 3-12 When I forgive you Sometimes the harsh reality of our sin hits us and we cannot kid ourselves any longer. We see ourselves as we really are. It hurts but it is a graced moment. Then is the time to recall the purpose of […]

Wednesday 19 October

Ephesians 3:2-12, Canticle Isaiah 12:2-6, Luke 12:39-48 An eager heart Don’t we all love Peter? He is so enthusiastic, always first off the starting block, even if he sometimes runs in the wrong direction. Today he wants to know if Jesus intends a parable to be for everyone or is it just for them, the […]

Friday 20 July

Isaiah 38:1-6,21-22,7-8, Canticle Isaiah, Matthew 12:1-8 Law and Mercy There is an unpleasant trait in us, even in children, and certainly in me, which can enjoy feeling smug when other people break rules or laws. So nice to feel virtuous! Jesus never condemned the Jewish Law, but he had no patience with those who misused […]

Thursday 31 May

Visitation of the BVM Zephaniah 3:14-18, Canticle Isaiah, Luke 1:39-56 Renewed by love Love is intoxicating. It is an elixir more potent than any man-made concoction. It is more energising than a power station. It is a greater motivation than any jackpot. Love overcomes inertia and reluctance. It provides a connection stronger than super-glue. And […]

Tuesday 31 May

Feast of the Visitation Zephaniah 3:14-18; Canticle Isaiah 12:2-6; Luke 1:39-56 Vatican II declared: “Mary embarked at the Annunciation on a pilgrimage of faith” (LG 58). Today’s feast, in a way, symbolizes this: the more common of two routes was nearly a 200km, 8-10 day arduous trek! Mary, striding out to assist Elizabeth, no doubt […]