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Thursday 31 May

Visitation of the BVM

Zephaniah 3:14-18, Canticle Isaiah,
Luke 1:39-56

Renewed by love

Love is intoxicating.

It is an elixir more potent than any man-made concoction.

It is more energising than a power station.

It is a greater motivation than any jackpot.

Love overcomes inertia and reluctance.

It provides a connection stronger than super-glue.

And God promises to renew us with this love. Wow!

This love empowered Mary, and enabled a barren woman to conceive.

If I ask for it; if I allow it; if I accept it wholeheartedly, without misgiving or adjustment,

this love, God’s love, can do wonderful things for me and in me.

Renew me. Refresh me. Rekindle me.

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