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Halleluja, He is Risen

Halleluja, He is Risen

This month we celebrate the most important events of our faith: the death and resurrection of Jesus. Our cover and middle pages feature a striking painting by modern American artist Wayne Pascall. Halleluja, He is Risen shows the moment when Jesus leaves his tomb, bathed in incandescent light. During Lent we prepare for, and during Holy Week, we experience the harrowing events of the Passion of Jesus. Then on Easter morning the women go to the tomb, to prepare his body and perhaps wanting to be close to where Jesus’ body lies. They find the tomb empty – the funeral cloths cast aside on the slab. The Lord has risen. Pascall’s painting captures the majesty of the moment Jesus glorified abandons the tomb. Our faith rests in part on an empty tomb.

Wayne Pascall is from the USA. He is a largely self -taught artist, working in acrylic, oil and pencil. He paints all sorts of subjects, but sees “huge opportunities for art in ministry” and so “some of his pieces feature Christian art”. We are grateful for his permission to feature his work. We hope that our readers will experience the sense of joy and hope in the Resurrection of Jesus, that this work conveys. You are able to view and purchase examples of his art at: www.waynepascallart.com

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