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The banging and the screaming will never leave you.

The yearning in your heart for the home you once knew.

The inch from starvation, your baby's blood on your fingers.

This torturous battle in your mind still lingers.


The rubble, the orange glow of the burning

The smoke rising high in a cloud, churning.

The screaming of your family, the wailing of your friends

This painful tumult never ends.


Aboard a crowded boat or by your blistered feet, you flee

From this feeling of helpless loss you will never be free

The journey is long, too long to have hope

Balancing on a survival tightrope


If you ever get to Australia, this free new land

They will turn you around and tell you
"You are banned."

You will be taken to prison for wanting a new life

In this jail you will face torment and misery and strife.


When you are finally free and safe

Australia declines you as a waif

"You do not belong here", they cry

"Go back to where you came from, you spy"


Welcome to any refugee

As it is our duty

To share our land

The sea and sand

A land for everyone

And anyone.

Lucy Olson


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