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Monday 17 December

Genesis 49:2, 8-10; Psalm 71 (72):1-4, 7-8, 17; Matthew 1:1-17

A surprising genealogy

A threefold story foreshadows the gospel story. Among the patriarchs (Abraham-David) are cheats and liars (Jacob and Judah). Jesus calls sinners rather than the just. Triumphs and losses of the Kings (David-Babylonian exile) prepare for the ‘upside down’ reign of God. Children are first and disciples are to serve. Unknown no-bodies (Zerubbabel – Joseph) foreshadow insignificant fishers, tax collectors and sinners who are heirs of the reign of God. Four Gentile women erupt into the genealogy and ensure the lineage continues. Am I open to Jesus today present in ‘upside down’ events and among insignificant people?

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