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Thursday 29th December

1 John 2:3-11; Psalm 96:1-3,5-6; Luke 2:22-35. Bringing our children to God The Gospel today recalls the Jewish custom of purification after 40 days from birth. We see an interesting little indicator that Mary and Joseph may have been poor; they offered ‘a pair of birds’ rather than a one year old lamb and a […]

Wednesday 13 July

Isaiah 10: 5-7,13-16; Psalm 94: 5-10, 14-18; Matthew 11: 25-27 Like little children Jesus says that God’s mysteries can only be understood by child-like people. In another text, he says that unless we become “like little children” we cannot enter the kingdom. Why is this? Because God reigns in our lives only when we are […]

Monday 25 October

Romans 8:12-17; Psalm 68; Luke 13:10-17 We are children of God The psalmist knows a God who bears our burdens, gives the lonely a home and is a God who saves. This is a picture of the best of parents, protective, faithful and rich in mercy. The good news that Jesus brings is the assurance […]


At Mass the other day there was a dear little child toddling around, who caught my attention.  Or should I say it was the actions of her mother that sparked off a train of thought. As the child tottered in and out around her parents, her mother instinctively put her hand over the sharp corner […]

How to Judge Others – Fairly

A fourteen-year-old girl entering 9th grade laments that other students have judged and isolated her as being unattractive. A stay-at-home father of young children experiences judgment from others for being lazy, unmotivated and for living off his wife. Canadian singer Céline Dione recently responded on social media to judgments and body-shaming directed at her by […]

Unusual Kindness on the Mexican-US Border

In January this year, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity had “Unusual Kindness” as its theme. Here are some stories from Fr Tony O’Connor SM, working with people on the Mexican-USA border, people who have great need of being shown “Unusual Kindness”. Modern-day torture? Juan from Salvador, 16 going on 17, a tall stocky […]

An Appeal for Help

The Sisters of the Child Jesus, based in Kasama, Zambia, are a local order founded almost a hundred years ago. The Sisters run a day-care centre for 103 destitute children, a project started by volunteers from Jersey, U.K., who could not keep it going. They supported it by a large garden, worked by the children […]

We Are Adopted, Yet Truly God’s Children

As long as God has been God – eternally – God has desired that his human creatures should also be genuinely his children. And Jesus, the incarnate Word of God, came for that very reason: “I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10). That fullness of […]

Stations of the Cross

Based on the ceremony led by Pope Francis, 19 April 2019, at the Colosseum, Rome, written by Sister Eugenia Bonetti. Introduction: We walk this way of the Cross in union with the poor, the outcast of our societies and all those who, even now, are enduring crucifixion as victims of our indifference and hardness of […]

Francis Speaks

The evil of human trafficking Trafficking represents an unjustifiable violation of the freedom and dignity of its victims, of those constitutive dimensions of the human being as willed and created by God. For this reason, it is to be considered a crime against humanity. Of this, there can be no doubt. The same gravity, by […]