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Tuesday 16 October

Galatians 5:1-6; Psalm 119T; Luke 11:37-41

Keeping Our Options Open?

Paul’s frustration with the Galatians really centres on the fact that they were looking to cover their bases – they had accepted the message of Christ but they were also adhering to the Jewish Law just in case that was actually the “right” path. Paul tells them bluntly that they can’t have it both ways: either they are committed to Christ or they are not. What are the ways in which I ‘cover my bases’? In what ways do I hold back from a relationship of total faith and love with Christ?

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  1. I think one can be a good Christian if you are a Jew and keep the Jewish Law, there is no contradiction between the Torah and Christianity. Paul's point is that the Jewish law only applies to Jews, not to Christians. Just like the laws of the Catholic Church only apply to Catholics, not non-Catholics.