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Wednesday 5 September

1 Corinthians 3:1-9; Psalm 33; Luke 4:38-44

Flawed but called

There is an interesting word in English meaning ‘not perfect’ or ‘illogical’ or ‘there is a fault.’ E.g. I buy a table and on getting it home discover that there is the beginnings of a large crack at one end, which I had not noticed. I would say that the table has a ‘flaw’ or ‘it is flawed.’ When someone’s argument is illogical we might say that ‘his argument is flawed.’ Pope Francis has a favourite saying, “We are flawed but called.” Each of us is a bit broken but that does not stop God calling us. People were coming to Jesus with a variety of personal flaws. Rather than our personal flaws preventing us from becoming holy, with God’s grace and our cooperation, they become gateways to holiness.

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