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Friday 26 April

Acts 4:1-12; Psalm 118; John 21:1-14 It is the Lord Our life of prayer prepares our hearts to be sensitive to the presence of God in our midst. In today’s gospel, Jesus stands unrecognised on the shore. The signs of abundant fish, breaking nets and the taking and giving of bread, enable recognition. Jesus stands […]

Tuesday 23 April

Acts 2:36-41; Psalm 33; John 20:11-18 Do not cling to me Mary wants to hold on to him; she loves him so much and will do all she can to never lose him again. Jesus invites her to the more generous reality. Actually, to know beyond all other knowing, that all is gift. We don’t […]

Tuesday 26 March

Daniel 3:25, 34-43; Psalm 25; Matthew 18:21-35 Forgiven and forgiving Repentance and mercy should go hand in hand. If we are truly sorry for our sins, the Lord will forgive us. His forgiveness should act as a lesson to us. What we have received from the Lord we should in turn pass on to others. […]

Tuesday 12 March

Isaiah 55:10-11; Psalm 34; Matthew 6:7-15. Our Father For many people, prayer can seem a bit of a mystery. All it is, however, is a response to God. It is a ‘thank you’, an ‘I love you’, a request for help. We respond to God in prayer a bit like a plant responds to water […]

Sunday 10 February

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Isaiah 6:1-8; Psalm 138; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11; Luke 5:1-11 Following him Saying ‘yes’ to God and following Christ wholeheartedly is not for the faint-hearted! While we may feel unworthy, as did Peter, or wretched and lost, as was Isaiah, the Lord still says to us, ‘follow me’. Just as with […]

Astounding Grace

A new year tends to be a time of reflection. We’ve just celebrated another birthing of Christ Jesus in our lives and our faith is touched by a freshness, a feeling that we are at home with the Holy Family. The months ahead promise growth. The year will also deliver hard work. Living in this […]

Friday 1 February

Week 3 in Ordinary Time Hebrews 10:32-39; Psalm 37; Mark 4:26-34 Something better Wonders of creation, such as seeds sprouting, growing and producing crops, speak to us of God’s reign increasing. The reign of God grows slowly, almost unnoticeably, and, to the eyes of faith, surely. The eyes of faith see signs of hope everywhere, […]

Thursday 31 January

ST JOHN BOSCO Hebrews 10:19-25; Psalm 23 (24):1-6; Mark 4:21-25 The Lamp It takes one small candle to break the deepest darkness. God wants us to shine in the darkness so people can see convincing signs of hope, love, justice and mercy with their own eyes. If God asks this of us, he will give […]

Friday 25 January

THE CONVERSION OF ST PAUL Acts 22:3-16 or Acts 9:1-22; Psalm 116 (117): Mark 16:15-18 Conversion Not all conversions are sudden. Sometimes conversion comes like the dawn, slowly and even imperceptibly. But the grace of conversion does come, and it has an element of wonder and surprise because it is essentially a change of thinking. […]

Wednesday 16 January

Hebrews 2:14-18; Psalm 104 (105):1-4, 6-9; Mark 1:29-39 Humanity of Jesus Jesus became one of us. He is like us, he is close to us. We can be close to him, we can even identify with him. Because Jesus is fully human, God has come so close to humanity and to each one of us. […]