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Sunday 28 February

Third Sunday of Lent

Exodus 3:1-8,13-15, 1Cor.10:1-6,10-12, Ps.103, John 4:5-42

The Spring Within

There is so much to reflect on in the story of the woman at the well, but what speaks to me is “the water that I shall give will become a spring of water within …” My relationship with Jesus has fluctuated over the years, but whether it’s been strong or weak, whether he has seemed close or distant, I have always sensed the presence, deep within my spirit, of that “spring of water” that Jesus promised to all who drink the water that he would give. The spring has continued to nourish me daily, and, for the future, I am trusting in the Lord’s promise that it will in due course “well up for eternal life.”

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