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Wednesday 25th March

The Annunciation of the Lord

Isaiah 7:10-14, 8:10, Ps. 40, Hebrews 10:4-10, Luke 1:26-38

Listen again to grace whispering “do not be afraid”

Mary was given a unique vocation as the mother of God. Amazingly, every human being is unique and called to serve the Lord in our own way. God is willing to be vulnerable to his creatures. It’s staggering that God humbly asked for Mary’s acceptance. Day by day he keeps asking us also. Mary’s ‘yes’ and her abandonment to the Holy Spirit gives us the model for our discipleship. Lent is a time to set aside our fears and sense of smallness, listen again to grace whispering “do not be afraid” and trust that “nothing is impossible to God.”

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