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Thursday 24 November

St Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions Apocalypse 18:1-2,21-23;19:1-3,9; Ps 100:2-5; Luke 21:20-28 Hope and trust We are nearing the end of the Church’s year and the theme of doom continues. I wonder how the disciples felt when they were hearing these messages from Jesus. How do you feel on reading today’s gospel? We have heard instruction […]

Words and God’s Word

Part 2 of 10 “You have my word on that.” That phrase may not involve signing my name on paper or a legal contract. But, if we think about it, when I actually say, “I give you my word,” that seems to have more clout; it’s more personal.  Failing to keep one’s word can permanently […]

Wednesday 24 November

ST ANDREW DŨNG-LAC AND COMPANIONS (M) Daniel 5:1-6, 13-14, 16-17, 23-28; Daniel 3:62-67; Luke 21:12-19 Endurance and trust Jesus paints a picture of the persecution that we will suffer as his followers. In this country we may experience some taunts or criticism. In other countries people, as Jesus predicted, may suffer terrible hardship including death […]

Saturday 9 October

Joel 4: 12-21; Psalm 97; Luke 11:27-28 The valley of decision The prophet Joel presents God’s wrath but also shows God to be a shelter and a stronghold. The choice is ours. Jesus sharpens the focus: everything we need is in the word of God, and Jesus is that word, made flesh. O Lord, attune […]

Monday 11 November

St Martin of Tours [M] Wisdom 1:1-7; Psalm 139; Luke 17:1-6 Scandal in the community What should we do when we are faced with scandal in our Church community? It is a very pertinent question. Painful to admit, yet we must: members of our Church, in whom we placed great trust, have betrayed that trust. […]

Monday 21 October

Romans 4:20-25; Response: Benedictus, Luke 1:68-79; Luke 12:13-21 Be on your guard Abraham “drew strength from faith and gave glory to God”. The gift of baptismal faith gives us the strength to know and give glory to God, who is Wisdom. Jesus’ parable about the rich man who put love for money before the praise […]

Saturday 28 September

Zechariah 2:5-9, 14-15; Canticle: Jeremiah 31:10-14; Luke 9:43-45 Mourning into gladness Jeremiah speaks in God’s name saying: “I will change their mourning into gladness, comfort them, give them joy after their troubles”, and once again we see Jesus’ disciples perplexed and saddened by Jesus’ repeated affirmation that he was going to suffer and die. They […]

June Saints

Pope St John XXIII (1881-1963) Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was born at Sotto il Monte, Italy. He entered the Bergamo junior seminary in 1892. It was there that he began making spiritual notes and undertaking regular spiritual direction. In 1897 he made his profession as a Secular Franciscan. From 1901 to 1905 he studied at the […]

Tuesday 9 April

Numbers 21:4-9; Psalm 102; John 8:21-30 He who sent me is with me We are each to make our world a better place by being ourselves and not trying to be someone else. In this way we are faithful to Jesus who sends us. Not only are we sent by him, but in the sending, […]

Thursday 28 February

Ecclesiasticus 5:1-8; Psalm 1; Mark 9:41-50 Trust in God The first reading suggests that it is silly to place our confidence in money or in ‘ill-gotten gains’. They will surely let us down. Our ‘delight is the law of the Lord’. The Gospel reading makes it clear that we are to take strong measures to […]