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Bill Lambert

Bill Lambert

Developments in medical science in recent years have made it possible to bring to life many thousands of people who  are clinically dead – sometimes a few hours  after death. Many of these people, possibly as high as 20 per cent, report vivid experiences of heaven.

Their stories are remarkably similar. They leave their own bodies behind – often seeing their lifeless corpse - and float upwards towards a beautiful, glistening white light. They feel utter bliss, an incredible joy and peace. Often they meet deceased favourite relatives, and find themselves communicating just by thought.

Time seems to stand still. They feel in harmony with the universe and able to understand everything with a speeded up intelligence and enhanced senses. Most particularly they felt bathed in, and drawn toward, a source of ineffable love.

When they are told they must return to life, they feel great regret at having to leave such bliss.

In many instances they come back to life with changed personalities.  They are more loving, sensitive and perceptive people.  They have the most vivid memories of their heavenly journey and no longer have any fear of death.

They are reluctant, in a majority of cases, to discuss their heavenly experiences for fear of ridicule or disbelief.  The medical fraternity are generally sceptical of their stories and explain them away as changes in brain behaviour, presently not understood.

Sources of information for this article are two books – the first a personal experience of heaven described by a prominent American neuro-surgeon - “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander. He has set up his own website and is occupied in organising conferences on the subject.

The second book, “Glimpsing Heaven”, by Judy Bachrach, describes numerous cases of “death travellers” whom she has interviewed in the process of researching their stories.

glimpsing heaven

proof-of-heavenBoth books can be obtained through Pleroma Christian Supplies, tel. freephone 0508 988 988. NZ 

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