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Grow Old Along With Me

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life For which the rest was made Our times are in His hand.” Robert Browning 1812-1889. (Poem written to his wife, Elizabeth.) September 2022 Dear Marty, You became a Hospice patient on September 11, 2022, just over a week ago. In […]

Saturday 19 November

Apocalypse 11:4-12; Ps 144:1-2, 9-10; Luke 20:27-40. Life after death The Sadducees, who did not believe in resurrection, tried to trick Jesus with a ridiculous question. Jesus responded in a different way and spoke of the resurrection from the dead and making reference to ancestors in faith. We believe in the resurrection and especially this […]

Easing the Grieving

Ten Tips for Coping with Loss Amy, was in her 30s and had just given birth to her first child when her mother suddenly died. “All I feel is pain, sadness, and sorrow that my mother is no longer here to be my inspiration and to enjoy being a grandmother to my son.” Anthony, in […]

Death and Taxes

’Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes.” We’ve all heard the saying.  Benjamin Franklin quoted it, praising the newly written American Constitution: “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” We always […]

Saturday July 30

Jeremiah 26:11-16, 24; Psalm 69: 15-16, 30-34, Matthew 14: 1-12 Prophets risk death Both John the Baptist and Jeremiah knew they were risking death when they spoke up against evil. In our day many risk their lives or at least imprisonment as they speak the truth to those in power. In our own lives we […]

Friday July 29

Saint Martha 
 Jeremiah 26: 1-9; Psalm 69: 5, 8-10, 14; John 11: 19-27 
 Life after death 
 Jesus’ words to Martha demand a great faith and Martha’s response shows that she does indeed have this faith. Are we able to answer the same question with as much certainty as Martha? When someone who […]

Tuesday 1 February

2 Samuel 18:9-10, 14, 24-25, 30-19:3; Psalm 86:1-6; Mark 5:21-43 Life and death Mourning a son who has died, or rejoicing for a daughter brought back to life, the readings today are full of emotion. All of us at some time have to face sickness and death. Some are lucky enough to make a recovery […]

A Different Scripture Rosary

Distractions at prayer are a bugbear for many of us. In his book, Introduction to Spirituality, Father Louis Bouyer mentions an aid to focusing our attention when praying the Rosary, which has been popular in a number of countries, notably in Germany. This is to introduce, either after the name of Jesus, or after “Holy […]

Blessed Miguel Pro SJ

On the 23 November 1927, a young Mexican Jesuit priest stood before a firing squad. He was guilty of no crime, had faced no trial, but arms outstretched in cruciform, a rosary in one hand and a crucifix in the other, Padre Miguel Pro went to his death. Mexico at the time was in the […]

September Saints

Blessed Michael of Ghebre (1791-1855) Michael was born in Ethiopia in Dibo in 1791, part of an Ethiopian religious sect, the Kevats. In his childhood he lost one eye in an accident that, in his culture, would render him unfit for most forms of work. Following his education, he entered a Coptic Orthodox monastery and was […]