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Words and God’s Word

Part 5 of 10 “What is your opinion?”  ‘What’s your opinion?’  ‘What do you think we should do’? It’s nice to be asked. And, there are times when we should be asked.  Whatever the case, when others want to hear our views, we feel acknowledged, valued. And, as experience tells us, it makes for better […]

Suicide – Seven Ways to Help Grievers

When Kristen Clifford’s husband – Steven Clifford, a police officer – wasn’t responding to her text messages, she became alarmed and drove home, where she found notes, his police identification, his driver’s licence. “Everything laid out very neatly, methodically”, she recalled. Frightened, she rushed down the hallway to their bedroom, discovering the door closed and […]

8 February: Day of Prayer Against Human Trafficking

St Josephine Bakhita was born in Darfur, Sudan, in 1869. She was nine when she was kidnapped and sold as a slave, so traumatised by the experience that she could no longer remember her name. Her captors named her ‘bakhita’, which means ‘fortunate’. In 1882, she became the property of the Italian consul, whose family […]

Friday 29 November

Daniel 7:2-14; Canticle of Daniel 3:2-5; Luke 21:29-33 Remain faithful and true As our liturgical year draws to a close, the Church places before us Scripture passages about the end of time and the coming of the Lord. The Church is not asking us to become involved in speculation about when or how time will […]

Saturday 31 August

1 Thessalonians 4:9-12; Psalm 98; Matthew 25:14-30 Have a go Everyone is gifted, and we are not asked to compare ourselves with others but to use our natural and spiritual gifts, generously, even extravagantly, in love. Whether we have visible gifts which the world affirms, gifts of practical support and hospitality, or hidden gifts like […]

Thursday 29 August

Passion of St John the Baptist (M) Jeremiah 1:17-19; Psalm 71; Mark 6:17-29 Sin seeks company. Herodias felt threatened because John preached repentance and accused her of adultery. Instead of repenting, Herodias plotted John’s death, manipulating her daughter so that Herod killed John to save face. Sin seeks company. It wants to draw others into […]

When My Comfort Zones Fail

It’s never easy having to move out of a place, a personal space, a routine, a rhythm that has for some time given us some security and peace of mind. Letting go of our comfort zones can be simple enough and not of major importance. For example, when our holidays finish and we have to […]

Tuesday 7 August

Jeremiah 30:1-2, 12-15, 18-22; Psalm 102; Matthew 14:22-36 Life is difficult I love this gospel. The sea reminds me of life. One moment life is calm, sparkling, expansive and magnificent. The next moment – rough, scary, destructive and beyond control. Change can happen in the blink of an eye. The strong winds whip up the […]

Friday 3 August

St Dominic Jeremiah 26:1-9; Psalm 69; Matthew 13:54-58 Unacceptable prophets/prophetesses. Fear and prejudgment drive us to box and label others. We know their views on everything, their mistakes, even how faithful they are. Boxes keep them in – they also keep us out. St Dominic stayed up all night talking to an innkeeper getting to […]

Being Childlike

One day at Mass two little girls went up at communion time to receive a blessing. I saw them shyly wave to a couple sitting in front of me, who must have been their grandparents. After the blessing the shyness was gone and they rushed up to the couple, ran into their pew and hugged […]