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Tuesday 10 June

1 Kings 17:7-16, Ps. 4, Matthew 5:13-16

Divine flavour

As salt is to food so is our discipleship to the daily grind. Authentic discipleship brings out the divine flavour of everyday life. To do this our lives need to be different from a non-Catholic life. There are plenty of goodish people around but not so many salty ones; those who strive to be holy as God is holy. Conversion life, a continual turning away from sin towards love is a pretty salty sort of life. If my good works do not shine, or shine briefly only, perhaps they do not have enough of God’s saltiness in them.

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  1. We live seasonal, cyclical lives. There are times of great busyness and endeavour, and a time to pause and step back. There are times when we sow seeds deep into the darkness of an incubating soil, and we may never see the fruits of our labour. We trust in the inherent goodness of creation and the creator. We have done our part. Our good works may never shine in our life-time, or place, or with great fan-fare, but they are still a response to an invitation from the divine. I am not asked to compare my work to that of my neighbour, Catholic or not. I am called to respond to Love by using the unique gifts I have been given. I am invited into a deepening relationship with God, nurtured through contemplation, presence, prayer and attentiveness. I am invited, moment by moment, to live an authentic life.