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Caroline Chisholm: The Emigrant’s Friend

Caroline ChisholmJULY EDITION: The magazine has been given a makeover, and some changes have been made to this website also. Please Refresh your Browser so that these changes take effect on your computer.

In this month's magazine,  we are presented with people who have lived a radical life inspired by the Gospel. Such as Caroline Chisholm - a remarkable English woman, who herself was an emigrant to Australia in 1838. Her inspiring story of faith and practical Christianity may well give reason for Australia to celebrate her as a saint in future years.

Fr John Rae tells the story of the conversion of Roy Shoeman and his experience of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - throwing new light on this old devotion.

Stephanie Kitching reflects on 150 years of service given by the Sisters of Mercy in New Zealand which began inauspiciously at dawn on a June day in 1861.

Living a Christian life is difficult enough, but how to do so, when coping with divorce.  Liz Pearce reflects on her experience and her survival.

In our regular features, New Zealand's recent 'three strikes law' is highlighted by the Editor which he believes should cause us concern; the Pope expounds on the theology of love and on prayer as a hunger; Joe McHugh continues to share his insights on Matthew's Gospel, and Fr John Kelly analyses how meditation is practiced in the secular world.

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