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Subscription price rise The MM is most grateful to readers who pay their subscriptions on time and to all those whose donations help the magazine to keep going. Despite the best efforts of everyone concerned, we had a significant loss in the last financial year, mostly because of steep increases in postage costs. As a […]

‘Forced like Jesus Christ to Flee’

World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees in New Zealand, 21 June As the title for his annual message for the World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugess, Pope Francis has chosen ‘Forced like Jesus Christ to Flee’. The message will focus on the pastoral care of internally displaced persons (IDPs), who currently […]


On 4 May, Fr Gerald Arbuckle sm received a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award in Practical Theology.’ The award, presented by the Broken Bay Institute, Sydney, Australia, acknowledges Fr Arbuckle’s application of the Gospel to contemporary local and global cultures. The award in Practical Theology is the first such award in Australia, given because Fr Arbuckle is […]


Mission Sunday If you wish to contribute financially to the Church’s missionary effort please Either place a donation in the Missionz envelope on Mission Sunday Or make a donation to SM Missions Account, BNZ 02 0560 0125389 021 Or send a cheque to SMNZ Missions, P O Box 12154, Thorndon, Wellington, 6144 Or, in Australia, […]

Holy Spirit Still Alive in the Young

By Debra Vermeer  When Indonesian-born Fr Boni Buahendri SVD was assigned to Australia as a missionary priest, he dreamed of working with indigenous people in a remote location. Instead, he found himself first in parish ministry and now working in formation of young missionaries, and says he could not be happier. “I love working with […]

Can You Bear It?

Can you Bear It? An American called Bill decided to write a book about famous churches around the world, so he bought a plane ticket and took a trip to Orlando, thinking that he would start by working his way across the USA from South to North. On his first day he was inside a […]

New Wineskins

In our Archdiocese we are going through a process of structural review which will result in cutting the number of parishes by half. At present there are 46 parishes and one personal parish for Maori. The clergy are aging, with a third retired, some of whom are still working. There are two ordinations this year […]

Kiwi Zapped by Australia Day

Some years ago I happened to be staying with friends on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne, and got caught up in Australia Day celebrations. It was on a Sunday that year so we went off to Mass at the nearby Sorrento parish. First shock was the Australian flag draped across the altar, and the second […]

When In Still Air The Planets Shake

When in still air the planets shake Like springs about to flow, A wind from off Australia Is gathering to blow.   When the grey-warbler sings close in Upon the driest noon, A cloud brewed from the Tasman Will bring a rainy moon.   And I who have my signs of you Am weatherwise in […]

Can You Bear It?

Bob Semple was a pioneer Labour MP in NZ with a colourful turn of phrase; e.g. of an opposing MP who had written his autobiography, he said “I could write his biography on the back of penny stamp with a carpenter’s pencil.” When accused of having timber in Australia, he said “I wouldn’t have enough […]