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Caroline Chisholm – Northampton’s half-forgotten saint.

Catholic Mission’s UK reporter Sister Janet Fearns went searching for Caroline Chisholm’s last resting place. She discovered a little corner in a disused cemetery and the ignorance of England’s Catholics of Australia’s saint-in-waiting’s achievements Three local people gave the same answer when asked for the whereabouts of the Billing Road Cemetery. “I didn’t know that […]

Caroline Chisholm: The Emigrant’s Friend

When the Emerald Isle arrived in Sydney in September 1838, among its passengers was a family who would change the face of immigration in the colony. Archibald and Caroline Chisholm, together with their two sons, had made the long seven month journey from Madras, where Archibald was Captain in the East India Company’s army. Caroline […]

Caroline Chisholm: The Emigrant’s Friend

JULY EDITION: The magazine has been given a makeover, and some changes have been made to this website also. Please Refresh your Browser so that these changes take effect on your computer. In this month’s magazine,  we are presented with people who have lived a radical life inspired by the Gospel. Such as Caroline Chisholm […]