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Part 3 of 3 “That my own joy may be in you” “I have told you this so that my own joy may be in you and your joy may be complete” (John 15:11).  What does Jesus mean? We start with the this – expressed in the previous verse. As the Father has loved me, […]

When Frailty Hits Home

We do enjoy our own and each other’s high achievements. In sport, artistic endeavours, economic benchmarks, scientific breakthroughs, newly-married love all provide us with delight, awe and wonder, and give us a sense that all is right with the world. We’d love to think that these times of achievement and joy are available to everyone. […]

8 February: Day of Prayer Against Human Trafficking

St Josephine Bakhita was born in Darfur, Sudan, in 1869. She was nine when she was kidnapped and sold as a slave, so traumatised by the experience that she could no longer remember her name. Her captors named her ‘bakhita’, which means ‘fortunate’. In 1882, she became the property of the Italian consul, whose family […]

Saturday 14 September

EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS (F) Numbers 21:4-9; Psalm 78; Philippians 2:6-11; John 3:13-17 Jesus’ cross and ours Six months after celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus we are again reminded of the cross of Jesus. By believing in Jesus, the crucified one who rose again, we can experience that all our suffering and […]

Tuesday 10 September

Colossians 2: 6-15; Psalm 145; Luke 6:12-19 Called to be healers Jesus calls a group of men to follow him closely and is immediately inundated with crowds who beg him to heal them. Perhaps the first lesson that Jesus is teaching his newly chosen disciples is that they too will be asked to give themselves […]

Tuesday 3 September

SAINT GREGORY THE GREAT (M) 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6, 9-11; Psalm 27; Luke 4:31-37 Whom shall I fear? Psalm 27 is a beautiful song of confidence in God in the midst of seeming chaos, danger and hostility. Many people in our world are literally facing all these evils. Our own suffering is often inward yet very […]

Friday 21 June

ST ALOYSIUS GONZAGA 2 Corinthians 11:18, 21-30; Psalm 34; Matthew 6:19-23 Suffering Saint Aloysius was born into a noble family but chose to leave behind the comforts of home to live and work among the sick of Rome. He took ill and died. St Paul writes to the Christian community at Corinth detailing a long […]

Enjoying Ill Health

A much-loved member of our Australian Marist community, who died quite some years ago now, used to provide us with great amusement through his tall tales of the real or imagined past, and the seemingly endless library of his illnesses and injuries. One of the worst insults you could offer him was to tell him […]

Saturday 15 December

Ecclesiasticus 48:1-4, 9-11; Psalm 79 (80):2-3, 15-16, 18-19; Matthew 17:10-13 Prepare the way As they come down the mountain after the transfiguration, the disciples, prompted by having seen Elijah, question Jesus about a popular belief. In the last days, Elijah was expected to return to prepare the way of the Messiah. Jesus agrees with this […]

Saturday 15 September

Our Lady of Sorrows Hebrews 5:7-9; Psalm 31; John 19:25-27 Sharing the burden We search for the meaning of our sorrows, we search for the meaning of suffering. Did Mary understand what the slaughter of her son on the Cross was for? Did she wonder why this had to happen? The point of this feast […]