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August in Stained Glass

August is a month with a host of notable feasts. Three of these have already been covered in previous Stained Glass articles — the Transfiguration: August 2017; Assumption and Queenship of Mary: March 2017. On 3 August we celebrate St Dominic, who founded the Dominican Order in 1215. The story is told that his pregnant […]

Thursday 21 August

St Pius X Ezekiel 36: 23-28; Ps 51; Matthew 22: 1-14 Laying the groundwork It all comes down to preparation, something St Pius X knew a bit about. In lowering the age of receiving Communion to age seven and arranging catechism classes for children, he was laying the groundwork for a stronger, deeper Faith for […]

Wednesday 21 August

pope St Pius X – memorial Judges 9:6-15, Ps. 21, Matthew 20:1-16 Late have I loved you! Our innate sense of justice struggles with this gospel. We squirm thinking we might get less than our due. Perhaps deep inside we feel we deserve something from God? Maybe this gospel exposes our deep feeling that sin […]

Saints for August

Saint Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941) Maximilian was born in 1894 in Poland and became a Franciscan. He contracted tuberculosis and remained frail all his life. Before his ordination as a priest, Maximilian founded the Immaculata Movement devoted to Our Lady and helped form a community of men. He went to Japan where he built a monastery […]