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Christ is Risen

Being aware of our shortcomings “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3). So many times, we all know it, it’s easier and more comfortable to see and condemn the defects and sins of others, without being […]

After the Resurrection in Stained Glass

Luke tell us that on the same day that Jesus rose, He appeared to walk with Cleopas and another disciple on the road to Emmaus. This window [1] from St Genes-des-Carnes, Clermont-Ferand, France shows what the encounter might have been like. When they arrived at the entrance to Emmaus, the disciples invited the stranger to […]

An Easter Sunday Reflection

What an alarming moment as Mary Magdalene and the disciples discover the empty tomb where Jesus had laid. Along with all the disciples, and with Jesus’ mother Mary, Mary Magdalene has been through several days of deep grief. The one who had held all their hopes was defeated, killed, destroyed, and along with his death […]

Death and Resurrection

This is an abridged version of the Pope’s homily, in November 2017, for the repose of Cardinals and Bishops who had died in the past year. It provides good material for reflection during Lent and Eastertide. Today’s celebration once more sets before us the reality of death. It renews our sorrow for the loss of […]

Come and See — Really See — Jesus, and Have Life (2)

A recurring invitation in St John’s Gospel: We encounter Jesus again in Chapter 11 as the source of life, and His seeking to be believed in, to be really seen as such. Jesus’ friend Lazarus had died before He and His disciples had reached Bethany, where Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary lived. On […]

The Resurrection in Stained Glass

This month we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord. There are many stained glass windows that feature the Crucifixion, all very much the same, but the Resurrection windows I have seen show the progression of events following the Resurrection with, at times, a good deal of poetic licence. The Gospel acco unts of events after […]

Being with the Lord in his Resurrection

In our Church’s early days, Christians were mostly poor, struggling, and persecuted. The request of the two disciples on the way to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35), ‘stay with us Lord, it is almost dark,’ was a prayer of the Church in its struggle. Luke’s Gospel was written in Antioch, Syria, 50 years or so after Jesus […]

Holy Saturday: The Harrowing of Hell

By the expression ‘He descended into Hell,’ the Apostles’ Creed confesses that Jesus did really die and through his death for us conquered death and the devil ‘who has the power of death’ (Hebrews 2:14). In his human soul united to his divine person, the dead Christ went down to the realm of the dead. […]

The Resurrection of the Lord: a new creation

Imagine that the Romans or the Jewish leaders had cremated Jesus’ body after he died on the cross. It would make no difference to the reality of the resurrection. Or imagine that a tomb was discovered which contained bones that were scientifically proven to be those of Jesus. If this were to happen, and if […]

Saturday 26 March

EASTER VIGIL Romans 6:3-11, Ps118, Luke 24:1-12 ALLELUIA The fullness of this night comes to me after the hardship of Lent. Have I imitated Christ in his suffering and death? The joy of being with him in his Resurrection unfolds before me as the whole night is riven with his glorious risen presence. It is […]