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Saturday 9 April

\ Acts 6:1-7; Ps 33; John 6:16-21 First things first Today’s first reading reminds us that nobody can be left to do everything – and nor should anyone attempt to do everything. The apostles realised that they had a key spiritual task – preaching the word of God – but that there were other needs, […]

Monday 25 January

THE CONVERSION OF ST PAUL, APOSTLE Acts 22:3-16 (or Acts 9:1-22); Ps 116; Mark 16:15-18 Tell the Good News St Paul’s conversion was not something that happened once and for all. Conversion is an ongoing process rather than a single event. Paul wrote of his struggles against temptation: ‘For I don’t do the good I […]

Monday 18 May

Acts 19:1-8, Ps. 68, John 16:29-33 Water and Spirit The Sacraments of Holy Baptism and Confirmation are referred to in Paul’s preaching and action with the Christian Community of Ephesus. Do you know the date of your Baptism and your Confirmation? They are significant days in the commencement and development of your Christian life. I […]

Tuesday 14 April

Acts 4:32-37; Ps 93; John 3:7-15 One heart and one mind Today’s first reading reminds us that our faith is communal. The community were united and shared all things. It sounds great, the preaching is powerful, all needs are met. Our faith is not just about me and God, it is about how that is […]

Wednesday 25 February

Jonah 3:1-10; Psalm: 51; Luke 11:29-32 Jesus, the sign Jonah preached God’s Word to the people of Nineveh. The people of Nineveh repented. God relented and did not bring disaster upon them. God is merciful toward those who repent of their sins. There is something greater than Jonah in the preaching of Jesus because he […]

Wednesday 4 February

Hebrews 12:4-7, 11-15; Psalm: 103; Mark 6:1-6 Suffering teaches endurance Suffering is part of life. While we do not welcome suffering, it can strengthen our resolve to persevere in faith and goodness. After all, Jesus too experienced suffering. He experienced rejection but did not stop preaching the Good News. We, too, are called to persevere […]

Friday 26 December

SAINT STEPHEN Acts 6:8-10, 7:54-59, Psalm 31, Matt. 10:17-22 Martyrdom From the joys of Christmas to the first martyr. Stephen probably imagined himself preaching into old age. But his work over in a short time. As Jesus had prophesied, there were those who were challenged by Jesus’ message. Their hatred impelled them to kill the […]

Wednesday 3 December

ST. FRANCIS XAVIER Isaiah 25:6-10, Psalm 23 Matt. 15:29-37 Enough for all Christ and his disciples were suppposedly on holiday. But still the requests came. No peace or quietness. Healings galore, preaching, counselling, debating. Centuries before, Isaiah had promised hunger, thirst, shame, sorrows and even death would be vanquished by the Messiah After the mute, […]

Monday 1 December

1st week in Advent, Year B Isaiah 2:1-5, Psalm 122, Matt. 8:5-11 A promise ‘Faith will see many from east and west seated in heaven.’ God’s promise. All three readings mention heaven. Our promised destination. So we should see God in every person we meet. They may see God in us. The situations we find […]

How To Live Mission

Mission does not always involve going to foreign countries and spreading the Good News to the ends of the earth – rather, it is a call for each one of us to reach out in love to the people in our own lives who are in need of care, concern and compassion, Fr Jacob Kavunkal […]