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Sunday 24 November

Christ the King 2 Samuel 5:1-3; Psalm 122; Colossians 1:12-20; Luke 23:35-43 The mystery of faith The painful humiliation of Jesus is there for everyone to see. The mocking of the Jewish leaders, the insults of the soldiers, even the jeering of the thief alongside him. All this only adds to his excruciating agony on […]

Friday 22 November

St Cecilia [M] 1 Maccabees 4:36-37, 52-59; 1 Chronicles 29:10-12; Luke 19:45-48 Let our hearts sing! Though not much is known about St Cecilia, she has long been associated with music and song. There is something intensely human about music and song. The plaintive tones of a mourning soloist console us. The joy and praise […]

Thursday 14 November

Wisdom 7:22-8: I; Psalm 119N; Luke17:20-25 The mystery of the Kingdom Do we realize the significance of what we already have, the experiences we cherish? Can we see the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary? This is the challenge Jesus sets before us today. There is much that is wrong and disappointing in our world. But […]

Monday 29 April

St Catherine of Siena Acts 4: 23-31; Psalm 2; John 3:1-8 Imagine The Easter season re-orientates our way of seeing in our world. We are invited to taste the imagination of God, to see risen life in a crucified body, forgiveness in open wounds; and to be so interiorly re-orientated that we are, in fact, […]

Friday 26 April

Acts 4:1-12; Psalm 118; John 21:1-14 It is the Lord Our life of prayer prepares our hearts to be sensitive to the presence of God in our midst. In today’s gospel, Jesus stands unrecognised on the shore. The signs of abundant fish, breaking nets and the taking and giving of bread, enable recognition. Jesus stands […]

Tuesday 23 April

Acts 2:36-41; Psalm 33; John 20:11-18 Do not cling to me Mary wants to hold on to him; she loves him so much and will do all she can to never lose him again. Jesus invites her to the more generous reality. Actually, to know beyond all other knowing, that all is gift. We don’t […]

Friday 12 April

Jeremiah 20:10-13; Psalm 18; John 10:31-42 The Father in me and I in the Father Silence can be a sheer gift. To be able to realise that beyond all that I can say about myself there is always more. Much more. Jesus knows that the Father is in him and that he is in the […]

Sunday 7 April

Fifth Sunday of Lent Isaiah 43:16 -21; Psalm 126; Philippians 3:8-14, John 8:1-11 Woman, where are they? When we allow ourselves to be influenced by Jesus, we enter a more loving world which is free from condemnation. You see, it ceases to be about us, and is more about others, and the sheer joy of […]

Wednesday 3 April

Isaiah 49:8-15; Psalm 145; John 5:17-30 What do you choose to see? One of the invitations of Lent is to allow our way of seeing to be re-set. The religious police see Jesus breaking the law and catch him working on the Sabbath, and he is seemingly proud to do so. They don’t see the […]

Abba Father — Who Are You? (1)

‘Dwelling in Unapproachable Light’ Eucharistic Prayer 2 is probably the one most commonly chosen and Eucharistic Prayer 4 used the least. It’s a shame really. There are so many Eucharistic Prayers available – all beautiful in their own way. Let’s ponder the four words in the title above – a phrase from the Preface of […]