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Monday 28 January

ST THOMAS AQUINAS Hebrews 9:15, 24-28; Psalm 97 (98):1-6; Mark 3:22-30 Being misunderstood Being misunderstood seems to be part of the human condition. Jesus was certainly misunderstood by his relatives and the scribes. How do we handle being misunderstood even in a hostile way? Jesus calmly renews his commitment and carries on. The Father will […]

Sunday 13 January

THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11; Psalm 28 (29):1-4, 9-10; Titus 2:11-14, 3:4-7; Luke 3:15-16, 21-22 Mission Jesus’ Baptism begins his public ministry. The appointed time has come. The Spirit shows his presence. The Father’s voice is heard. Jesus’ life is changed irrevocably. He assumes this new phase of his life and mission. […]

Wednesday 5 December

Isaiah 25:6-10; Psalm 22 (23); Matthew 15:29-37 Moved with compassion For the last time, Matthew offers a summary of the healing mission of Jesus which echoes the age of the Messiah of Isaiah 35:5-6. The crowd express their amazement and praise God. As a shepherd caring for sheep, Jesus links healing with feeding. His deep […]

Saturday 26 August

Ruth 2:1-3, 8-11, 4:13-17; Psalm 128; Matthew 23:1-12 Hypocrisy Hypocrisy comes in many forms. When words and actions disagree; when thoughts do not match outward expression; when inconsistency becomes a habit, or self-deception parades as truth… Humility is the antidote to hypocrisy. It matches the love of self with the love of neighbour and so […]

Thursday 13 July

Genesis 44:18–21,23–29; 45:1–5; Psalm 105; Matthew 10:7–15 My mission ‘As you go, proclaim the good news’ suggests an all-embracing mission, a way of life. Jesus prepares the disciples, who are to take little with them, about how to respond to be being accepted or rejected. There is another side to mission. Travelling disciples are to […]

Wednesday 12 July

Genesis 41:55–57; 42:5–7,17–24; Psalm 33; Matthew 10:1–7 Jesus and mission The discourse of Matthew 10 is about mission as an expression of divine mercy. Mercy is at the heart of Jesus’ alternative community, the new people of God. Before the twelve disciples are named, Jesus gave them authority over unclean spirits and to heal every […]

Cut out to be a Missionary

As a boy living in Christchurch, my family used to drive by what used to be Holy Name Seminary in Riccarton, where Diocesan seminarians studied philosophy. I remember contemplating doing just that. There were choices involved in becoming a priest. To cut a long story short, I went to what was then called ‘Greenmeadows.’ As […]

“That all may have life…”

This year, on World Mission Sunday – 23 October 2016 – my hope is to reawaken in the heart of believers in New Zealand the core purpose of every Christian

Mission Sunday -23rd October 2016

The book Jungle Child, by Sabine Kuegler, is the story of a family of parents and three young children who went, in 1980, to live and work with the Fayu tribe in the jungle of West Papua, Indonesia. The Fayu tribe had only recently been discovered. Within the tribe there were four clans that were […]

Thursday 7 July

Hosea 11: 1-4, 8-9; Ps 80; Matthew 10:7-15 Be a disciple Opening our hearts to God brings with it some glorious opportunities to be among those who love and serve him. We become part of the living body, representatives of his kingdom here on earth. We are like the disciples he first sent out – […]