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God, Evil and the Boxing Day Tsunami?

The huge earthquake off the coast of Indonesia and subsequent enormous tsunami occurred on Boxing Day 2004. The total loss of life in this event, mainly from the tsunami which swept across the Indian Ocean as far as the coast of Africa, was in excess of 250,000 people.   Since December 2004 there have been […]

New Eve Tapestry – Notre Dame de France, London

JUNE EDITION – This month we celebrate the recent beatification of Pope John-Paul II, and reflect that we live in an extraordinary age of saints and martyrs. The Editor then gives us a personal tour of a French church in the middle of London’s theatre district. The beautiful tapestry shown here being one of its […]

Human Resilience in the Face of Natural Disaster

4.35 am on the morning of Saturday September 04, 2010 was significant for New Zealand; we experienced the most powerful earthquake affecting a major city since the Napier event of 1931. Our present lifestyle verges on being completely dependent on technological wizardry, which we take for granted and embrace the illusion of human self-sufficiency it […]