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Death of a Marist

Fr Michael McVerry SM Born: 4 September 1943 Professed: 9 January 1964 Ordained: 24 June 1968 Died: 21 October 2022 Michael McVerry was a great Marist, a great priest and a giant missionary in Oceania. This was made possible because he was a truly wonderful human being, warm, compassionate, sensitive, understanding, insightful, practical and caring. […]

Death of a Marist

Fr Tito Muavesi SM Born 17 July 1977 Professed 28 December 2001 Ordained 9 December 2006 Died 10 October 2022, Fiji Fr Tito Muavesi SM of Fiji was born on the 17th July 1977. He died unexpectedly on the afternoon of the 10th of October 2022. He was only 45 and had been a Marist […]

Death of a Marist

Fr Mikaele Pāunga SM Born 15 September 1954 Professed 13 January 1980 Ordained 18 November 1984 Died 3 September 2022, Fiji Professor Fr Mikaele Pāunga died aged 68. A graduate of the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, where he gained a doctorate in theology, Fr Pāunga had taught at the Pacific Regional Seminary in Suva […]

Death of a Marist

Br Daniel (John) Connell SM Born: 8 October 1945 Professed: 4 January 1973 Died: 26  August 2022 John Stuart Connell, known to many of us as Brother Dan and, by some of the students at Hato Paora as ‘Father BroDan’, died suddenly aged 76. John was born in Whangarei at the end of World War […]

Is a Marist Mission Vocation Critical to the Church Today?

A missionary perspective by Fr. John Larsen, SM, Superior General of the Society of Mary, Rome, Italy. First published in Vocations News, a newsletter of the US Province of the Society of Mary. After ordination in 1981, John taught for five years at St Patrick’s College, Silverstream. After experience of mission in the Philippines,  Myanmar […]

Death of a Marist

Fr Jean Rodet SM Born:  8 October 1931 Professed: 24 September 1957 Ordained: 25 February 1961 Died: 4 June 2022 Jean Rodet was born in Marboz, Ain, France. He died as the oldest member of the Province of Oceania.  Jean arrived in Vanuatu in 1961 soon after his ordination. He served in the Vanuatu mission […]

‘Come and See’ at Marist Seminary

On the weekend of Palm Sunday, a ‘Come and See’ experience was held at Marist Seminary, Auckland. The purpose of the weekend is to introduce interested young men to the formation community and theological college.  The weekend was postponed from an earlier date due to the shift of the formation house from Hopetoun Street to […]

Death of a Marist

Bishop Robin Leamy SM Born: 27 July 1934 Ordained: 21 July 1958 Died: 1 January 2022 Bishop Robin Leamy SM died aged 87 on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Bob grew up in Khandallah, Wellington, the third in a family of five children. At St Pat’s, Silverstream where Bob went to secondary school, […]

Celebrating Fourvière Day – 23 July

Early in the morning on 23 July 1816, twelve men crossed the Saône River in the city of Lyons, France. They were making their way from St Irenaeus diocesan seminary to the top of the hill of Fourvière. On the previous day, some of them had been ordained to the priesthood. The rest of them […]

Something Old – Something New

A Possible Marist Spiritual Ecology: Part 2  The first Dimension: Call – Le Puy Framework 2: The Marist Story within the Universal Story – Call – Le Puy In our Introduction we proposed that a paradigm for re-energising our Marist Story is to re-connect it with the Universal Story. The Marist Story can be seen […]