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Tuesday 4 December

Isaiah 11:1-10; Psalm 71 (72):1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17; Luke 10:21-24 Experiencing Jesus praying We are taken right into the experience of Jesus praying and rejoicing in the Holy Spirit. We glimpse his unique relationship with God. Jesus saw the joy of the seventy returning disciples (10:17) and thanks God for revealing to ‘infants’ what is […]


Chris Skinner’s music goes digital All Fr Chris Skinner’s music is now available digitally. All 20 albums have been digitally remastered and along with the playlist categories of songs have been uploaded, to his website www.chrisskinner.org.nz Albums range in price from $10.99 – $19.99 and are available for purchase on the website. Individual songs can […]

Saturday 12 May

Acts 18:23-28; Psalm 47; John 16:23-28 Ask in my name In these few gospel verses Jesus three times repeats “ask in my name”. This makes it very clear that this is how we should pray to the Father, who will grant what we ask in the name of Jesus, so that our “joy will be […]

Friday 11 May

Acts 18:9-18; Psalm 47; John 16:20-23 Hearts full of joy Even though we live in post-resurrection times and know that the war against Satan has been won, there are still times of “weeping and wailing”. In many countries of the world there is either active persecution or else contempt and derision of followers of Jesus. […]

Thursday 21 December

Song of Songs 2:8-14 or Zephaniah 3:14-18; Psalm 33; Luke 1:39-45 A joyful greeting Two pregnant cousins, Mary and Elizabeth, greet each other in the Gospel today. Imagine the joy and excitement of such a meeting. Though both of them are with child through usual circumstances, they both rejoiced that God was with them and […]

Sunday 17 December

Third Sunday of Advent Isaiah 61:1-2, 10-11; Luke 1:46-50, 53-54; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24; John 1:6-8, 19-28 Gaudete Sunday Today is a day of rejoicing. Like Isaiah, we are full of joy at the coming of the Lord. No matter what the domestic arrangements of Christmas day will be like for us, we can all rejoice […]

Saturday 16 December

Ecclesiasticus 48:1-4, 9-11; Psalm 80; Matthew 17:10-13 Joy and sadness All those who witness to the truth will suffer. Those who speak for the truth in our own day also suffer. From the time of the prophets until now, to call people to repent and believe in the good news means persecution and even violence. […]

Saturday 7 October

OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY Acts 1:12-14; Magnificat Response: Luke 1:46-55;Luke 1: 26-38 Union with Jesus When we allow ourselves to be influenced by Jesus, then we enter a more loving world. You see it ceases to be about us and more about the sheer joy of discovering God’s action around us. Jesus reminds us […]

Sunday 30 July

SEVENTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME I Kings 3:5,7–12; Psalm 119; Romans 8:28–30; Matthew 13:44–52 The treasure of God’s love In the parable of the buried treasure, the finder discovers the treasure unexpectedly while the merchant has been searching long and carefully for the precious pearl. These different paths lead to joy and to a total […]

Saturday 8 July

Genesis 27:1–5,15–29; Psalm 135; Matthew 9:14–17 The old and the new Not only is Jesus’ inclusive celebration of meals a problem, now John the Baptist’s disciples are concerned that those with Jesus do not fast. There is tension here between the claims of the tradition that needs to be honoured and the claims of the […]