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Monday 5 April

Acts 2:14,22-33; Psalm 16; Matthew 28:8-15 Filled with awe and great joy As word spread among the disciples that Jesus had indeed risen, they were filled with excitement, wonder and great joy. From that Easter Day onwards, his resurrection has continued to transform the life experiences of Christian people. Human failings and sinfulness have been […]

Capturing Joy

As Victoria emerged from months of lockdown late last year, there was much relief and celebration around Melbourne. One reporter describing the moment said: It is simply joyous! Joyous – what a beautiful and understandably under-used word it is. When violence, criminality and corruption occupy the bulk of our news services, joy rarely features. The […]

Thursday 26 November

Apocalypse 18:1-2, 21-23; 19:1-3, 9; Psalm 100; Luke 21:20-28 Cry out with joy In the midst of trials we are lucky as Catholics to be called to be part of the Pascal Mystery at Mass on Sunday. We should be happy about this, feel liberated, praising and thanking God as we enter into Jesus Christ’s […]

Monday 23 December

Malachi 3:1-4, 23-24; Psalm 25:4-5, 8-9, 10, 14; Luke 1:57-66 Yahweh is gracious He is to be called John. A name which means ‘God is gracious’. How can you be sure that God is gracious? It can be a baffling process. Faith takes time to come to birth. When God speaks to us in the […]

Saturday 21 December

Song of Songs 2:8-14; Psalm 33:2-3, 11-12, 20-21; Luke 1:39-45 You, too, are a Christ-bearer There is something about some people — a quality that you can experience, but cannot put into words. “For the moment your greeting reached my ears, the child in my womb leapt for joy”. We all carry the Christ within […]

Monday 23 September

SAINT PADRE PIO OF PIETRELCINA (M) Ezra 1:1-6; Psalm 126; Luke 8:16-18 Let your light shine There are two images in today’s readings: Ezra and Psalm 126 describe the joy of homecoming and Jesus urges us not to be afraid to let the light of our faith and love be visible and active. Faith is […]

Saturday 6 July

Genesis 27:1-5, 15-29; Psalm 135; Matthew 9:14-17 A new way The disciples of John were known to live an ascetic life of penance. They generously went the extra mile in seeking to follow God’s will. That is why they are surprised that the disciples of Jesus do not fast. Once again Jesus reveals a different […]

Monday 24 June

THE NATIVITY OF ST JOHN THE BAPTIST Isaiah 49:1-6; Acts 13:22-26; Psalm 139; Luke 1:57-66,80 His name is John The arrival of their son, John, into the home of Elizabeth and Zechariah was an extraordinary event of great joy. His parents were elderly and had been childless. His father’s speech was restored after he had […]

Saturday 25 May

Acts 16: 1-10; Psalm 100; John 15: 18-21 Ridicule At times people will be scornful of our beliefs. They may seem to persecute us, when they indicate we are so old-fashioned; that we have out-of-date ideas about truth and morals. But they could be resentful because our lives and morals are a rebuke to their […]

Friday 24 May

Mary, Help of Christians Acts 15:22-31; Psalm 57; John 15:12-17 Ave Maria “You are my friends, not servants”. There is great joy and love in friendship. Today we call on Mary, help of Christians. She has a a place in our hearts. We too, are in her heart. We are her Son's great friends. She […]