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Sunday 3 October

27TH SUNDAY ORDINARY TIME Venerable Suzanne Aubert Day Genesis 2:18-24; Psalm128; Hebrews 2:9-11; Mark 10:2-16 Not alone We were not created to live alone or to live lonely lives. We are incomplete without one another, as John Donne’s famous line reminds us, No man is an island. Today’s readings invite us to look at all […]

Saturday 10 July

class=”Apple-converted-space”> Genesis 49:29-33, 50:15-25, Psalm 105, Matthew 10:24-33 God’s love transforms life The Pharisees called Jesus ‘Beelzebul’ (Mt 9:34). Good is sometimes labelled evil. Christians today are not immune. Jesus tells us not to fear but to consider who we are to God. Even if you feel as insignificant as a sparrow, God never loses […]

Friday 9 July

Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions, martyrs (OM) Genesis 46:1-7,28-30, Psalm 37, Matthew 10:16-23 Gentle courage for Christ Augustine Zhao Rong was a Chinese soldier who escorted Bishop Dufresses to his execution. Moved by the bishop’s patience, he asked for baptism, was later ordained, tortured and executed for his faith in 1815. 119 martyrs in China […]

Thursday 8 July

Genesis 44:18-21,23-29,45:1-5, Psalm 105, Matthew 10:7-15 Never give up on God Judah, Jacob’s fourth son, was a decisive and natural leader. He stepped forward, recommending Joseph be sold into slavery, then lied to his father about it (Gen 37:26, 32). Now he steps forward to take the place of youngest brother Benjamin, for the sake […]

Wednesday 7 July

Genesis 41:55-57,42:5-7,17-24, Psalm 33, Matthew 10:1-7 Loving desire to serve God Jesus ‘summons’ or ‘calls’ his twelve disciples to action. Can you relate to being called for something special? Think of the call athletes receive to join a team. This was no vague invitation to volunteer, nor were they coerced – they were personally chosen. […]

Tuesday 6 July

St Maria Goretti (OM) Genesis 32:23-33, Psalm 17, Matthew 9:32-38 God alone Jacob grabbed Esau’s foot at birth, struggled being second and stole his brother’s birthright through deceit. God gradually transforms Jacob from that deceitful wealth-grabbing young man to someone pleading for his family and sacrificing wealth to secure their safety (Gen 32:9-21). Now he […]

Monday 5 July

Genesis 28:10-22, Psalm 91, Matthew 9:18-26 Deep sharing in prayer Jacob encountered God in a dream which transformed his life. God became not just the God of his family, but personal to him. Grace touched Jacob and though his response reveals his manipulative character, God perseveres in a healing relationship with him. In Matthew, the […]

Friday 2 July

Genesis 23:1-4,19, 24:1-8,62-67, Psalm 106, Matthew 9:9-13 Mercy for sinners and outcasts Matthew abandoned a lucrative but disreputable job to follow Jesus. He was despised by ‘good’ society. The Pharisees were indignant that Jesus mixed with the wrong crowd. Do we let Jesus shock us as we hear, “It is not the healthy who need […]

Thursday 1 July

Genesis 22:1-19, Psalm115, Matthew 9:1-8 Going deeper with God Abraham received innumerable blessings, but was he valuing the gift more than the giver? In this passage he proves willing to surrender even his son, the promise of future generations, to God. Then God provides something unexpected, freeing, and life-giving; a ram to sacrifice in Isaac’s […]

Wednesday 30 June

Genesis 21:5, 8-20; Ps 34; Matthew 8:28-34 Good and evil There is considerable evil in the world, but people are sceptical about the existence of evil forces. Evil beings are portrayed using naïve or comical images and names which make belief in them appear preposterous. But literature is full of stories about the struggle between […]