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Marist Spirituality: An Introduction – Part 9

Instruments of Mercy “…  Lie at the heart of the emotion, time Has its own work to do. We must not anticipate Or awaken for a moment. God cannot catch us Unless we stay in the unconscious room Of our hearts. We must be nothing, Nothing that God may make us something…” Patrick Kavanagh, Having […]

Marist Spirituality: An Introduction – Part 7

One ‘Yes’ Three ‘Nos’

Marist Spirituality An Introduction

Hidden and Unknown How to do Good Today The Acts of the Apostles tells us, “All the apostles joined in continuous prayer, together with several women, including Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers” (1:14). Jean Coste, (the Society of Mary’s foremost historian and leading expert on Father Jean Claude Colin), noted that […]

Marist Spirituality: An Introduction – Part 5

Jean Baptiste de La Salle

7 April: A Saint who influenced Fr Colin and Fr Champagnat When the Society of Mary started out in the period after the French Revolution, the early Marists were very conscious of the lack of educational opportunities, especially in the rural areas. Fr Marcellin Champagnat was particularly concerned that the Marist project include brothers teaching in […]

Advice from Fr Colin to Peter Chanel

Peter Chanel had already been a priest of the diocese of Belley for three years when he asked to join the Society of Mary at the beginning of 1831. He would have been influenced by his strong Marian devotion, conveyed in his motto, ‘To love Mary and make her loved’, and by the prospect of […]

The Cause of Fr Jean-Claude Colin Founder of the Society of Mary

The Icon (Part 2 of 2) Through an icon we are able to encounter the person portrayed. In this icon we are brought into the presence of three persons: the Word Made Flesh, his Mother Mary and Jean-Claude Colin, Founder of the Society of Mary. In this icon the central life-event of Jean-Claude is represented […]


Marist Ordinations to Priesthood On 29 December Fr Floyd Gatana SM (Oceania, Bougainville) was ordained to the priesthood in the cathedral of Hahela, Buka, Bougainville by Bishop Dariusz Kaluza. On 2 January, the ordination of Fr Stev Youssouph Youm SM (Africa, Senegal) took place in the Marial Shrine of Popenguine in Dakar, Senegal. Stev was […]

The Tollet Portrait
of Fr Jean-Claude Colin

Tony (Jean Jules Antoine) Tollet was born on 6 November 1857 at 19 rue Bourgelat in the district of Ainay in Lyons, France. When he was young he was immobilised by sickness, and it was at this time that he began to learn to draw. It is recorded that when he was seven, he gave […]

The Life of
Jean-Claude Colin

“On whatever distant shore” Part 1 of 2 As his Cause for Beatification is unfolding, the story of Jean-Claude Colin is now being told to the whole world. From the Revolution’s stormy beginnings, this shy youngster from rural France was to become Founder and Father of a religious family bearing the name of the Most […]