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Fr Colin’s Cause – A Long and Winding Road

Part 1 of 3 Compiled by the Editor This article, and those following in August and September, is based on the work of Fr Ronald Nissen SM in his Chronology of the Cause for Beatification of Jean-Claude Colin, and from his article in the MM in March 2018. Fr Ron writes, “I am especially grateful […]

The City of Lyons in Early Marist History (2)

A number of buildings in the city of Lyons are significant in early Marist history. The Cathedral of St John the Baptist This Cathedral is in ‘old Lyons’, directly beneath the hill of Fourvière. Building began in 1180 above the ruins of a 6th century church and was completed in 1476. It is the seat […]

Fr Jean- Claude Colin in Rome (3)

The Third Visit: July-August 1846 In June 1846, Fr Colin heard that Propaganda Fide had added Wallis, Futuna and Tonga to Bishop Pompallier’s responsibilities. Taken aback by this turn of events, Fr Colin wanted to speak directly with authorities in Rome about what was going on, and about other issues to do with the mission […]


We all have a migration story: Fostering a culture of encounter Social Justice Week: 11 – 17 September In a message from Caritas, Bishop Patrick Dunn of Auckland wrote: In the build up to Social Justice Week this year, during which we will be focussing on each of our migration stories, I’m visiting with the […]

Mary at Pentecost and in the new-born Church

This month we celebrate Pentecost, the feast of the Church being born in the fire of the Holy Spirit. One in mind and heart and gathered around Mary, the first believers gave strong witness to the resurrection of Jesus (Acts 2:1-4, 42-47), and to the joy that comes from being part of something extraordinarily wonderful. […]

Reflections on Marist Spirtuality (2)

These reflections were first published in 2012 in Tutu – Another Way, written by Adele M.E. Jones with Michael McVerry sm. They are reprinted with permission.  Nothing is more urgent than for lay people to fulfil their role Right from the beginning when Fr Colin presented the plan of the Society in Rome lay people […]

Fr Jean-Claude Colin sm

MAY EDITION: In this edition we are re-introduced to Fr Colin, founder of the Society of Mary. Fr Ron Nissan paints a brief portrait of the life of Fr Colin and what brought him to found a religious order dedicated to Mary. This portrait of Fr Colin as a young man was painted by Sydney […]

On Whatever Distant Shore

Fr Jean-Claude Colin sm The quiet boy from Beaujolais The tiny hamlet of Barbery sits by a forest near the Beaujolais region of central France. Here on Aug 08, 1790 Jean-Claude Colin was born, happily unaware of the fierce Revolution raging about him. He was soon to be orphaned, not by violence but through the […]