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A Very Modern Model of a Marist Seminarian!

Formation for the modern Marist seminarian has changed drastically in recent years, with most of their formation now taking place overseas. Ben D’souza gives an insight into his formation experience. When I was first told that I would be going to Rome to study theology, it was one of those moments when I regretted taking […]


Congratulations to Louis Maite and Paul Molbwet, Marists who were ordained to the priesthood at Melsisi, Vanuatu, on 17 February. Louis completed nine years’ formation at Marist College, Suva, in 2016, including two years at Teachers’ Training College. Paul also completed nine years’ formation, beginning in Marist College Suva, and finishing four years of studies […]

Tuesday 28 July

Exodus 33:7-11,34:5-9,28, Psalm 103, Matthew 13:36-43 Bless the Lord, o my soul! Today’s psalm is a song of praise between two readings about spiritual formation. The first concerns God’s instruction to Moses and in the second Jesus explains parables to his disciples. Let us sit with this bridging psalm and make it a prayer of […]

Monday 9 June

1 Kings 17:1-6, Ps. 121, Matthew 5:1-12 Attitude formation The Beatitudes speak of a life which for the sake of establishing God’s kingdom on earth suffers, but is never-the-less happy and blessed. Do I sometimes forget that my behaviour reflects my attitude to God? Right attitudes to God will bring mercy, poverty of spirit, spiritual […]

On Child Abuse

Francis receives in audience the International Catholic Child Bureau: the Church will take no step backwards in sanctions against child abusers Vatican City, 11 April 2014 (VIS)  This morning Pope Francis received in audience a delegation from the International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE), instituted following Pope Pius XII’s appeal for the defence of children following […]

Challenge 2000

Celebrating 25 years of Service and Ministry  to Youth and Families Small beginnings Challenge 2000 began in 1988 in the kitchen at Ss Peter and Pauls Presbytery in Johnsonville, Wellington, as a Youth Development and Social Work agency with one staff member and a supportive parish priest. Challenge 2000’s mission was to live the gospel and […]