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Subscription price rise The MM is most grateful to readers who pay their subscriptions on time and to all those whose donations help the magazine to keep going. Despite the best efforts of everyone concerned, we had a significant loss in the last financial year, mostly because of steep increases in postage costs. As a […]

Wednesday 23 July

St Bridget of Sweden, Patron of Europe Jeremiah 1:1, 4-10; Ps 71; Matthew 13:1-9 Growing old David’s psalm, a plea written in his old age asking God not to forget him. “Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go… From birth I have relied on you… Do not cast me away when […]

Thursday 25 April

Anzac Day Isaiah 9:1-6, Ps 116, John 14:23-29 Hope for the living The readings today give hope for those living that those who have died in war may be with God in heaven. To visit a war cemetery in Europe is to sense the waste that is war. Yet almost a century ago the Christian […]

The Poor in the Streets

It is difficult to maintain composure and credibility as a Christian when confronted by aggressive and ‘in-your-face’ beggars in the streets of Europe’s major cities. Staying 3 months in Dublin, I decided to have a plan to avoid cutting these people dead. I would acknowledge any greeting with some eye contact, and reply to requests […]

Wednesday 20 July

Exodus 16:1-5,9-15, Ps.78, Matt 13;1-9 Bread from heaven At the end of WW2 when Europe was starving, allied planes parachuted food onto famished cities and bread was literally falling from heaven. People climbed onto their roofs and cheered and spotted the location of food parcels. There must have been similar elation for the Israelites. The […]

Monday 30 May

Acts 16:11-15; Ps 149; John 15:26-16:4 In some Bibles, the story of the faith entering Europe with the conversion of Lydia at Philippi, ends with “she persuaded us” to stay with her. The call in these readings is to a persuasive witness of words reinforced by corresponding deeds. Some of the objections we hear might […]