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Subscription price rise

The MM is most grateful to readers who pay their subscriptions on time and to all those whose donations help the magazine to keep going.

Despite the best efforts of everyone concerned, we had a significant loss in the last financial year, mostly because of steep increases in postage costs. As a consequence, annual subscriptions will increase as from February 2022.

The cover price will be $7; a New Zealand subscription will rise to $60 per year; in Australia, $70; and $75 in the Pacific, USA, Europe, Eire and the UK.

The last price rise was at the beginning of 2019. 

Paying your account

When you pay for your subscription, please ensure that your  customer number is given as a reference on the MM bank statement. Your customer number is printed on both your invoice and on your address label on the magazine.

Gift subscriptions

And, please consider giving gift subscriptions to family members or friends for Christmas. That would be a good way of getting your Christmas shopping done early!

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