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Reflecting on Covid-19

It is mid-May, about 55 days since we first went into lockdown, an experience that has been like being in a state of suspended animation. Last Friday I ventured into the local supermarket for the first time in more than seven weeks. It felt eerie. I was aware that I was acting differently from the […]

A Faith Response to Coronavirus

At this time when the whole world is preoccupied with the Corona Virus Covid-19, how are we, as People of Faith, called to think, pray, and act? God’s name, and nature, is revealed to us as “I am with you”. This is the name of the God who began the unfolding of creation some 13.8 […]

Thursday 27 November

Apocalypse 18:1-2, 21-23; 19:1-3, 9; Psalm 100; Luke 21: 20-28 Hold Fast It is natural to be afraid of the end of the world – or of any violence. Prophecies of disaster and destruction create terrifying images, if we contemplate them. However we also know the blessing of Christ’s promises – that regardless of what […]

Saturday 9 August

Habakkuk 1: 12 – 2:4; Ps 9; Matthew 17: 14-20 Remaining faithful Where is God when disaster strikes? Why do the wicked prosper while good men suffer? Why is God silent while evil flourishes? Habakkuk asked the same questions generations have asked throughout the ages, but his perceptions, like ours, were way off beam. The […]

Sunday 8 September

TWENTY THIRD WEEK IN ORDINARY TIMESocial Justice Week Wisdom 9:13-18, Philemon 9-10, 12-17, Psalm 90, Luke 14: 25-33 Detachment When we see people interviewed after a natural disaster standing by houses which have been completely destroyed, they all say that the loss of their possessions doesn’t matter because they are alive. Our faith requires the […]


As I’ve always believed, one of the great things about the Christian faith is that it offers a ‘bob both ways’.  If something bad happens to you, you can always extract good from it – offering it up for a special cause, or finding the peace that willing acceptance of God’s will brings. Many confuse […]