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Friday 26 December

SAINT STEPHEN Acts 6:8-10, 7:54-59, Psalm 31, Matt. 10:17-22 Martyrdom From the joys of Christmas to the first martyr. Stephen probably imagined himself preaching into old age. But his work over in a short time. As Jesus had prophesied, there were those who were challenged by Jesus’ message. Their hatred impelled them to kill the […]

Tuesday 23 December

SAINT JOHN OF KANTY Malachi 3:1-4,23-24, Psalm 25, Luke 1:57-66 Preparations John is born, several months before Jesus. He must prepare the way of the Lord. Zachary, obedient to God, orders the baby be named John. So Zachary received back his speech. Frequently, God’s gifts are of this world. So just as John prepared for […]

Saturday 20 December

Isaiah 7:10-14, Psalm 24, Luke 1:26-38 The old/new story We’ve heard it many times. Mary’s visit from the angel. The birth in Bethlehem. Still we meditate on it. Ponder the various meanings and the enjoyable event. The rest of the world flies by. Gifts, buying, holidays, work parties, shop parties, company parties. These can irritate […]

An Angel at Advent

by Philippa Winch As a child, Christmas was a big occasion involving family, food and lots of festivities. However, as an adult with a family of my own neither my husband nor I had any close relatives living near. It was up to us to create our own family Christmas traditions. To make Christmas just […]

Perfectly Less Than Ideal

Sometimes mothers give birth in less than ideal conditions, such as in a car on the side of the road, unable to reach the hospital in time. I don’t think Mary planned on giving birth in a stable at Bethlehem either. But these things happen. Still, what was God thinking? He organised visitors, a star […]

The Commonly Good Family

The cultural catch-cry, “put Christ back into Christmas” is a request that falls on the deaf ears of popular culture. People in this hedonistic, media driven culture have long since forsaken the true meaning of Christmas. However it remains a day which is celebrated in the manner of a feast day. Lurking deep within the […]

Christmas – A Broken world – A Ray of Hope

For once the weather of the Southern hemisphere matches the mood of the Church. The birth of Jesus tells us of a new hope. With Spring and early Summer come newly turned furrows and planting of crops. A fresh shade of green sweeps the countryside. The familiar list of woes of a broken world is […]

The Liturgy of Christmas

The Liturgy of Christmas In the year of Our Lord 2014 on 25 December at Midnight Mass we will celebrate the birth of Jesus. How historical is the liturgy in its counting of the years, its choice of day, and the hour? What has shaped our Christmas liturgies?  The calendar in common use throughout the […]

The Lost Sheep

I like to think I’m a hard bitten journalist after a lifetime in the profession, covering the best and worst of the human condition on three continents. So why should I be upset about the death of an old sheep? Almost 20 years ago I decided to return to my roots, the bush. I grew […]

Thursday 02 January

memorial of Sts Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen Retain good fortune Better than any Christmas gift or New Year wish come true, I actually live in God and so must do all I can to stay there [1 Jn 2:22-28]. I’ve got the saving power of God in and around me [Ps 97]. I […]