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A Message for Australian subscribers

We know that many of you have had difficulty in paying your subscription, and we appreciate the effort you have had to make.

We have recently made arrangements for you to pay directily into the National Australia Bank. The account number is 082-062-68545-0097, and the account name is New Zealand Province Account. We are still happy to receive cheques in the post drawn on your Australian bank, if this is the easiest way for you to pay.
If you pay by direct credit, please include, in details:
MM, your customer number, and type of payment -- i.e., sub and/or donation.
Many thanks for your support for the Marist Messenger.

Messages for all subscribers

Many thanks to all MM subscribers for their continued support for the magazine, and to all those who generously add a donation when they pay their subscription. Such donations help greatly in enabling the MM to keep going in these difficult times.

May all subscribers and their families be truly blessed this Christmas and throughout 2018.

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