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China Growing up in China (Part 2)

Remarks recorded by Fr Bernard Jacquel, MEP taken from “Missions Etrangeres de Paris” May 2014 The community would gather in the courtyard of my maternal grandparents’ home. It was huge, that courtyard – it could hold five or six hundred people. High party walls bounded it and separated the property from neighbouring houses; a portal […]

China: Growing up in China (Part 1)

Remarks recorded by Fr Bernard Jacquel, MEP  taken from “Missions Etrangeres de Paris” May 2014. He comes from the north of China, but we will not mention any locality. Although it is not customary where he comes from, neither among Christians nor in his family, to use baptismal names, we will give him his: Joseph. […]

The Catholic faith in mainland China — continued

Pastoral Care Normal pastoral care is essentially centred on the sacraments ( Eucharist, reconciliation, last sacraments). At the level of the family or the village Christian life is communal, but few communities of faith exist, and it is hard to develop a personal faith. In the Catholic villages the strongest Catholics gather morning and evening […]

The Catholic faith in mainland China

In the context of the year of Faith and my research work at the Holy Spirit Study Centre, I became interested in the way Chinese Catholics lived their faith.  Of course it is very hard to generalise, because China is so huge and the situations so different between the North and the South, between the […]

Sunday 9 December

Second Sunday of Advent Baruch 5:1-9, Ps 126, Philippians 1:3-6. 8-11, Luke 3:1-6 Prepare a way for the Lord. John the Baptist enters Advent like a bull into a china shop. He interrupts the jingle of Christmas shopping and endless syrupy Christmas songs. His raspy voice, booming from the desert cries, “Return to ‘Go!’” Begin […]

Monday 3 December

St Francis Xavier, Priest Isaiah 2:1-5, Ps 122, Matthew 8:5-11 Spreading the Good News Jesus ministered mainly to the Jews, but here he is amazed at the faith of this gentile centurion who begs healing for his servant. Jesus declares that “many will come from east and west…” These words are appropriate today on the […]

THE CHURCH’S SITUATION IN CHINA: Wonderful, Difficult, And … Possible

Extracts from the homily preached by the Bishop of Hong Kong, John Cardinal Tong Hon, on the occasion of his installation in his parish in Rome, Mary, Queen of the Apostles, on the Third Sunday of Easter, April 22, 2012. (He was created a cardinal in the consistory of February 18, 2012.) “Today’s Gospel tells […]

Friday 17 June

2 Cor.11:18,21-30, Ps.34, Matt.6:19-23 Only things I was fortunate enough to inherit some old and beautiful china and glass, and I looked after these things and was very fond of them. That was before the earthquake, when most of them were smashed to pieces. Curiously, my reaction, like that of many other people I have […]