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World Mission Sunday – 23 October

I spent 20 years on mission in Latin America, specifically in Peru, Venezuela and Mexico. When I was a junior seminarian, we had frequent visits from missionaries home on furlough. I remember being enthralled by their tales of adventures in exotic, (mostly) hot, steamy climates. At that stage I’d not travelled overseas, in fact, I’d […]

The Beginnings of the Catholic Church in Tonga – Part 1

Based on the writings of Fr Joseph Deihl SM, adapted by the editor. Italics are used where Fr Deihl is quoted directly and at length. The first Mass On the evening of the Feast of the Visitation on 1 July 1842, the first Catholic missionaries arrived in Tonga. The group on board the Sancta Maria […]

From Nieuw-Zeeland to Nouvelle-Zélande

European voyages to New Zealand happened quite late in world history. The Spanish and Portuguese ventured across the Pacific after they had discovered the Americas, and it is not impossible that one or more Spanish galleys reached New Zealand or at least was wrecked in New Zealand waters. There is no solid evidence of this, […]

World Mission Day – Sunday 22 October

Rediscovering Mission at the heart of the Christian faith World Mission Sunday reminds us that mission is not something added to the Christian faith. Rather, it is at the heart of the faith. All Christians are missionaries of the Gospel and they are called to play an active part in the mission of Christ. As […]