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The Helping Hand of Mary(Comments Off on The Helping Hand of Mary)

August 31, 2019

When we pray to Mary we can pray to her anywhere - in the quiet of our homes, at church, on our way to somewhere. We can also pray to Mary at a special pilgrimage site where Mary’s presence is especially honoured.… More

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Tangiwai and Whaia Te Whaea

This oil painting Tangiwai (River of Tears), by Julia Lynch, Sister Mary Lawrence RSM, depicts the Mother Mary and her Son dressed in Māori kākahu (clothing). The painting resides at Hiruharama, Jerusalem, on the Whanganui River.

Pā Hemi Hekiera, during his pastoral ministry, was instrumental in gathering the family Māori for catechetical training and mission to families.… More

Parables in Stained Glass (3)

The parable of the Lost Sheep is about a shepherd who left his flock (those who were already saved) to find the one sheep that was lost, and when he found it, rejoiced. I have seen many windows that show Jesus as the good shepherd, but only a small number that portray the parable.… More

Parables in Stained Glass (2)

Last month I showed how the Parables of the Foolish Virgins, the Talents, the Wedding Feast, the Sower, and the Prodigal Son had been depicted in stained glass. Here are some more of the thirty or so parables Jesus told.

In Matthew 13 Jesus told two similar parables about the Kingdom of Heaven being like treasure. More

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