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Disciple of Her Son: Mary in the Life of the Church(Comments Off on Disciple of Her Son: Mary in the Life of the Church)

June 1, 2020

Disciple of Her Son: Mary in the Life of the Church

Part 1 of 2

In particular, Fr Colin, the Founder of the Society of Mary, drew inspiration from Mary’s presence and activity in the early Church. But how could he do this?… More

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The Apostles in Stained Glass

The feast of Saints Peter and Paul is on 29 June, and those for Saints Thomas and James are in July. This focusses attention on the apostles. They evangelised the world as they knew it in their lifetimes. But how can we picture them after two millenia?… More

The Ascension in Stained Glass

By Glen McCullough

At the end of Luke's and Mark’s Gospels, they describe how Jesus gave them the great commission to go and tell everyone the Good News, and then he ascended to Heaven. The eleven apostles were there, in Luke’s account, at Bethany.… More

God’s Gift of Flowers

Flowers are used for many occasions.

Gold and white flowers and complementary greenery were used in an Easter floral arrangement in our St Patrick’s Te Awamutu church, celebrating the glory of the risen Lord, Jesus.

The flowers were a glorious display radiating light, colour and beauty.… More

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