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Learning from Mary

By Fr David Kennerley sm

“Teach us Holy Mary, a loving song to sing…”

Mary! Here portrayed as my sister, my neighbour, my Model, my Prompt, wearing so well the creaturehood we share with you.

Mary, head lowered, quick to recognise the holy one before you, approaching you, in our midst.

Mary with the face of a mere teen, yet still fully present, actively engaging all your faith, your trust. Eyes lowered, hence your listening is accentuated all the more. Everything about you suggests great anticipation and openness.

Mary, robed and tied to accentuate your womanhood, your potential to conceive, to give birth, to nurture to maturity. Mary, Mother of Believers!

Mary, so plainly dressed, you seem content with so little. What you do appear to have is peace of mind and heart, obvious calm and sheer resilience radiating out from you.

Mary, “full of grace”, humbly solicitous of it, ever so cooperative with God ‘at work’ with you – your hands, your gesture so receptive, trusting, hopeful of receiving God’s help!

And yet, that one lone foot! A tentative or a bold step towards the Holy One, to your call, your mission? Bare-footed, you are at one with the dust and the crust of this earth,

And yet you also proclaim that we are more than this, destined for a life beyond this one, destined for Another, Mother of God!

Mary, stand beside us, journey with us. Affirm and encourage us in those times when our little faith is tested. Inspire us to give flesh to Christ in our being and in our times, to bear him to others and to share him as you yourself once did ever so well, Pride of our Race.

Fr Kennerley is the Provincial of the Society of Mary  in  New Zealand

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