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Monday 28 July

Jeremiah 13:1-11; Canticle Deuteronomy; 32:1-12; Matthew 13:31-35

Good practices

Some days do you have a problem finding a message in the readings. Today is one for me. There are many messages to reflect on this month. Would you like to join me? “Help those less fortunate - Love your neighbour - Be empathetic - Pray for vocations - Act justly - Be humble - Don’t worry - Don’t be angry - Say sorry - Spread the good news - Have courage - Thank God - Trust in God” Are there one or two messages that we could put into practice, not only today but every day as ways of showing our love of God?

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  1. On the days when I struggle with the readings,
    I like to hold the scripture as if it is a love letter - the words are irrelevant, I know I am loved.
    Or I take one line and put it in my pocket, and simply let it companion me for the day.
    Sometimes, I take it as a gift from the heart to the intellect: "Take a break," it says, "Let me attend to this."
    Other days, I seek out soul friends - poets, writers, artists - and allow their giftedness to flesh out the words.
    Now and then, I allow the intellect free reign, and delve into multiple translations and commentaries to satisfy the longing to know my beloved a little better.
    But mostly on the days I struggle, I sit in silence: attentive, receptive, grateful.