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The Beauty of Life

by Philippa Winch

by Philippa Winch

It takes a village to make a man.patrick

A sense of purpose to let life rest in God’s hands.

And just as it requires struggle

for a butterfly to emerge from its cocoon;

the butterfly’s wings would never grow strong

should we intervene in nature far too soon.

For without tears and struggle and letting go;

we simply cannot learn and grow.

Yet with humble hearts and cupped hands;

we too can learn of the Creator’s plans.

For God gently pieces together all parts of our life;

joy and happiness, grief and strife.

And though there is Winter, there is also the Spring;

when God brings new life after transforming things.

And the seed that’s the rose buried under the snow;

with the love of the sun blooms as it grows.

For God didn’t hang up his boots after making the world;

but his creativity continues around us

and in each life we allow Him to build.

And we like young trees that are learning to live;

can draw support from being tied to the stake our faith gives.

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