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Enjoying Ill Health

A much-loved member of our Australian Marist community, who died quite some years ago now, used to provide us with great amusement through his tall tales of the real or imagined past, and the seemingly endless library of his illnesses and injuries. One of the worst insults you could offer him was to tell him […]

Saturday 23 February

ST POLYCARP, BISHOP AND MARTYR Hebrews 11:1-7; Psalm 145; Mark 9:2-13 Unseen realities It is faith that gives meaning to our lives and that assures us of the ‘blessings we hope for’. The ultimate blessing, foreshadowed on the mount of the transfiguration, is the new creation in Christ Jesus, our bodies and lives transformed in […]

Friday 17 November

St Elizabeth of Hungary Wisdom 13:1-9; Psalm 19; Luke 17:26-37 The wonders of creation The Wisdom author chastises those who are able to find out so much about our natural world – fire and wind and stars and birds and animals – and yet have failed to recognise the creator of it all. Probably we […]

Monday 6 February

Waitangi Day Genesis 1:1-19; Psalm 104; Mark 6:53-56 Waitangi The celebration of Waitangi Day and commemoration of signing the Treaty provide us with a special opportunity to pray for our country. We pray that we may live together in peace and happiness. We also thank God for the many treasures with which our land is […]

Wednesday 26 August

1.Thessalonians 2:9-13; Ps .139; Matthew 23:27-32 Pray for Grace Grace is the presence and action of God in our lives. It is this we must pray for, calling upon the Holy Spirit to support us in the way we live our faith so we avoid the traps of pretence and false practice. Keep us safe, […]

Thursday 5th March

Jeremiah 17:5-10, Ps.1, Luke 16:19-31 What might help you thrust deeper roots this Lent? As a child I loved lying beside a stream, gazing up through leaves and dreaming. It was cool and calm with the soft smell and gentle sounds of fresh water. Though I didn’t know it, I think that began my taste […]

Wednesday 24 December

2 Sam. 7:1-5,8-12,14,16, Psalm 89, Luke 1:67-79 Thanksgiving Zachary, joyful at the birth of John, uses his first words after being mute for nine months, to chant the Benedictus. A divinely-inspired prayer, prompted by the Holy Spirit. He praises God for fulfilling his promise to Abraham and the prophets. The promise of redemption. We can […]

The Beauty of Life

It takes a village to make a man. A sense of purpose to let life rest in God’s hands. And just as it requires struggle for a butterfly to emerge from its cocoon; the butterfly’s wings would never grow strong should we intervene in nature far too soon. For without tears and struggle and letting […]

Monday 18 November

1 Maccabees 1:10-15,41-43,54-57,62-64, Ps 119, Luke 18:35-43 From rags to riches We have been the blind man, destitute and begging. We have called out to Jesus for help. Others have discouraged us, or tried to dissuade us in our efforts, but we have cried out all the louder for mercy. And Jesus has stopped for […]

Consider the lilies…

In paddocks around New Zealand, along neglected little gullies where farmers have yet to realize that that little quarter acre could be useful and productive, arum lilies grow. The flowers stand out white and pure among the weeds and broken bits of old farm machinery, beacons of beauty among the weeds and rubble. An English […]