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Fr Brian O’Connell, former MM editor, died on 13 January. As part of the family eulogy, one of his sisters quoted from a text message that Brian had sent to his family on 4 January. Brian quoted from a book he was reading: “All that we value in life and fear to lose by dying is treasured by God and fulfilled beyond measure.” He went on to say, “This comforts me and helps me to let those people go, along with various parts of my life -- gone at present -- that are not lost forever. That includes all of you and all the worthy elements of my life.” He concluded that this stopped him from slipping into fear and despair. In this way, his sister said, once more, he comforted his family.

Everyone associated with the MM has been consoled by messages of sympathy and assurances of prayers when Fr Brian died. Sincere thanks to you all of you who kindly sent cards and email messages expressing your sadness at Brian’s death and your appreciation of his life.

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