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Veteran Missionaries rest in peace in Fiji

Fr Lui Raco SM


RacoMy heart is with you today as you farewell one of our great Fijian Marists. Fr. Lui was, and will always be an inspiration for many of us. Someone who ran the race to the end, with great happiness in his vocation. He stood out as a person in all areas from prayer life, community life, Marist life, priestly life, not forgetting his creativity in making jam, yam gardening, his straight drives on the golf course and his love for singing. His happy Marist life would make some of us young Marists look boring and tiring. Donato sm

Fr Lui was extraordinarily kind and thoughtful toward me during my time on Ovalau. I remember many times after visiting Varani St thinking to myself ‘if I grew into the kind of gracious man and priest that Lui was in old age, I couldn’t do much better’. It seemed to me he had time only for the person who was in his presence at that particular moment.

Be assured of my prayer for you, the region of Fiji, and Province. Gerard Whiteford sm

  • Born 17-06-1927 Wainigadru, Vanua Levu
  • Novitiate, Highden NZ 1952-1953
  • Seminary, Greenmeadows NZ 1951-57
  • Ordained: 14-07-1957 Hastings, NZ


  • 1958-1970 Fijian Marist Region
  • 1971 Suva, Vicar Regional
  • 1972 MSC Novitiate, Vunapope, PNG
  • 1974-79 Lura Novitiate, Tutu, Fiji
  • 1980-83 Fiji Region
  • 1984-88 PNG Region
  • 1989-91 Wairiki Taveuni Fiji
  • 1992-97 Regional Superior Fiji
  • 1998- Sept 2000 Fiji Region
  • 2001 Bomana, PNG
  • 2002 -2013 Fiji Region
  • 06-05-2013 Died in Suva aged 85

Fr Denis Mahoney SM

MAHONY DenisFrom the Funeral Homily by Fr M. McVerry sm:

Good men make good priests and many of you gathered here today experienced the priesthood of Jesus Christ through Fr Denis. Listening to various ones in recent days I have heard words like, “I experienced being looked at in a different way by Fr Denis, in a way that made me feel tall, as if I was someone very important to him, someone special, very very special, I felt loved, he inspired me, I felt warmed and uplifted, I experienced being affirmed and greatly encouraged by this good, good man”. - 2 May 2013

  • Born 22-01-1940 Nelson, NZ
  • St Patrick’s Silverstream 1953- 57
  • Professed: 28-01-1960
  • Ordained: 4-07-1964


  • 1965 Morotona, Bougainville
  • 1966 Deomori, Bougainville
  • 1967-1973 Sovele, Bougainville
  • 1974 Koromira, Bougainville
  • 1975 Studies U.S.A.
  • 1976-1979 Marist College, Bomana
  • 1980-1992 Marist Training Centre, Tutu
  • May-Dec 1992 - Chatham Islands
  • 1993-2013 Nazareth Prayer Centre, Lami, Fiji
  • 26-04-2013 Died in Wailekutu aged 73

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